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Snowman Soup

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MSRP: $7.00
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category:Candy & Food

There´s nothing better after a day of playing in the snow than a nice mug of hot chocolate. Snowman Soup improves on the formula, however, by adding in white chocolate chunks and mini marshmallows. The package comes with enough ingredients for 8-10 servings, as well as instructions on how to make the tasty concoction.

Featured in:November Peeks (11/1/2005)

TDmonthly Review:

What Is It?
A mixture of cocoa, white chocolate and marshmallows, it comes with its own wire whisk to make sure all the ingredients are properly blended. Mixed with hot milk, Snowman Soup becomes a hot sipping drink for a cold wintry day.

What We Thought
“Sugary goodness!” exclaimed one enthusiastic reviewer. The wire whisk was a hit with all.

Why They’ll Want It
The teeny-tiny snowman bits (marshmallows) are so evenly dispersed throughout the cocoa mixture that you´re sure to get plenty of them in every spoonful. And, though the marshmallows float to the top, many still remain down to the last sip. Since the cocoa´s main selling point is that a live snowman has in fact been melted into the chocolaty beverage, this will delight children who crave the product for that very reason. It´s what distinguishes the drink from other cocoa beverages, and it´s always nice to enjoy a product that truly delivers. Also, it´s just plain tasty. And being tasty counts for a lot.
-- TDmonthly Staff, 1/5/06

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 4978      (added 10/10/2005)

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