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What Should We Call the Twins?

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MSRP: $6.95
Age Range: All Ages
SKU or Item #: ISBN - 0-9746715-1-7
Gender: Boys And Girls

Have you ever seen children try to make sense of what they see the first time they encounter identical twins? Their eyes track from one face to the other in an incredulous attempt to figure out this astounding new concept. Twins are not as simple as the big/small, loud/quiet lessons in opposites that they’re used to; twins are nuanced and kind of funny. And it’s exactly that funny nuance that artist Surya Sajnani has masterfully captured in her wonderful new board book, “What Should We Call the Twins?” This engaging 7” x 7” book introduces children to the concept of twins in an upbeat and whimsical way. Through her use of entertaining puns, the book is also a fun read for adults. Sajnani developed her current artistic style shortly after becoming a mother. Wanting to engage her son visually, Sajnani began to create hand-painted original works of art that took advantage of the visual strengths of her child. She made animal prints in black and white — a high-contrast combination that stimulates brain development.

Featured in:Baby Roundtable (1/1/2007)
To Drool For: Wee Gallery's Baby Art (10/1/2006)

TDmonthly Review:

What Is It?
A board book with simple black-and-white illustrations enhanced by swaths of muted colors, “What Should We Call the Twins?” is designed to stimulate tiny brains and introduce them to the concept of twindom. Artist Surya Sajnani was inspired to create such a book shortly after becoming a mother. She used high-contrast drawing to stimulate her own baby’s brain, then jumped into authordom.
What We Thought
I don’t know how babies’ll respond, but adults will like the humor and sketchy drawings. What should we call the twins? How about “Cal” and “Identi-Cal”? Since it’s a board book, it’ll take some wear and tear. It’s a nice way to introduce babies to the idea of books without worrying whether they’ll understand the words or not.
Why They’ll Want It
Any parent who’s interested in giving his or her kids a developmental head start will grab this book. Babies will like looking at the nearly identical twin drawings and, as they grow older, will appreciate the humor in the name play, too.
— Alison Marek, 5/5/06

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 7357      (added 3/28/2006)

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