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Gender: Boys

LEGO Bionicle top the list. One of the newest characters, Avak, the chief of the Piraka's armoury, can make a tool or weapon out of virtually anything. If it comes to a fight he relies on his Zamor Sphere Launcher and seismic pickaxe jackhammer combination. The boys eat up the Bionicle myth, and they buy each new character as it comes out in toy form.
— Pat Selby, 20-year owner of Calico Cats LLC in West Bainbridge Island, Wash., points out that LEGO Bionicles are his number one seller for boys between 9 and 12.
— Jordan Walden, 31 years in the toy business and manager of Finegans Toys and Gifts in Portland, Ore., concurs: “The best selling toy for boys 9 to 12 are the LEGOs.”
— Emily, “She Who Has Been There The Longest," of Ambassador Toys in San Francisco also finds the LEGOs to be at the top of the list for this age group.

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