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Glenn's Gallery™ by MAYFAIR GAMES INC.
Glenn's Gallery™
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Gender: Boys And Girls
Age: 10 and up

You are all employees of Glenn’s Gallery, a prestigious art gallery where you are learning the ins and outs of the business of selling fine art. Your job is to look at trends in the art world, and recommend to Glenn the types of art that are going to attract the most customers. Customers are represented by cards, and at the beginning of each turn, you have a certain amount of information about the customers that will show up this month. However, you also have to watch out for art students, who drive away paying customers! At the end of each month, Glenn looks at the number of customers that have expressed interest in each type of art and rewards (or penalizes) each player based on their choices.

Glenn's Gallery Contains:

  • 6 boards, representing the 5 different galleries and the scoring track
  • 65 cards (13 each of the 5 types of art: 11 customer cards and 2 art students)[we could replace art students by art critics, as we all hate critics, but okay!]
  • 25 prediction pieces (4 single and 1 double piece, in each of the 5 player colors)
  • 5 white doubling pieces
  • 25 small markers (5 in each of the 5 player colors)

MFG4108 Glenn's Gallery™ $35.00
Ages 10+
For 3-5 Players
Playing Time 60-70 minutes

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