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Aurora World Takes the Middle Path
By Scott Ferguson
May 1, 2003



Tween Madness

Plush is perennial. But the path to profit is often perceived as a fork in the road, separating specialty shops and the personal service they require, from mass-market sales and thin profit margins.

Los Angeles based Aurora World, Inc. believes that tailoring product lines for each market is the intelligent choice. By manufacturing a high profile line of top quality Plush product, Aurora is associated with excellence. The strength of their brand name carries over to their mass-market items, enhancing the appeal of Aurora’s lower priced Plush.

Featured in a variety of retailer outlets, including major zoos, Robinson-May, Neiman Marcus, FAO Schwartz and top gift chains such as Hallmark, Aurora offers a range of over 3,000 Plush items for consumers from every walk of life. The company’s Korean and U. S. design research centers forecast lifestyle trends, creating new characters, from regionally inspired niche designs to international favorites. The result is a line that combines the appeal of classic Plush enhanced by updated looks and materials that appeal to today’s consumers.

Founded in 1992, Aurora has experienced an especially rapid growth rate in recent years, with an average 25% annual growth rate between 1999 and 2002.

From Aurora’s extensive line of products, which includes backpacks, purses and totes, here are some new items from the 2003 launches:

Murphy Line


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