Reimagined Craft Activity Receives Glowing Industry Recognition in First Year of Sales 


BELOIT, Wis. (November 3, 2021)  — Spirograph Animator, a new spin on the classic Spirograph set, celebrates BIG wins after earning multiple prestigious toy industry accolades.  In only a few months since launching this innovative new activity, leaders across the industry have applauded this reinvention of a classic  toy, and named the product a hot holiday item in the toys and craft category.

Spirograph Animator recognition and awards include:

  1. AMERICAN SPECIALTY TOY RETAILING ASSOCIATION (ASTRA) winner for 2021 Best Toys for Kids Craft category
  2. PARENTS MAGAZINE winner for Parents Best Toys 2021
  3. NATIONAL PARENTING PRODUCT AWARDS (NAPPA) winner for Best in the Industry

Continuing the list of notable achievements, Spirograph Animator was featured on Amazon’s Toys We Love list, Toy Insider 2021 Holiday Gift Guide and TTPM’s Most Wanted Holiday Toys list. In recognition of the work on the Spirograph animator, the inventors were also named as a finalist for Toy Innovator of the Year in People of Play’s TAGIE AWARDS.

Spirograph Animator stimulates children’s creativity, by giving them the power to create endless designs and then bring them to life using the magic of motion and light. This deluxe studio set features built-in storage and includes 6 gears and 5 markers. Watch the Spirograph Animator in action here.

“Spirograph continues to hold its legacy as a classic toy, while capturing a new generation of kids with the latest technologies,” says Lisa Wuennemann, Associate Vice President Marketing at PlayMonster. “The innovative capabilities of the Spirograph Animator has caught the attention of toy retailers across the US, and we’re pleased to have championed the launch of this reimagined family classic.”

This innovative toy that makes spiral art come to life, makes for a great gift for children ages 8 and up. Spirograph Animator is available for purchase this holiday at Amazon, Target, Michaels and Meijer. For more information,  please visit

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