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Hasbro Releases a New Line of G.I. Joe Action Figures

The G.I. Joe brand has been with us for about 56 years, and Hasbro continues to launch more exciting action figures in this line up. With the return of classic characters like Road Block, Duke, Scarlett, and the infamous Cobra Commander, our children will have a lot of playtime on their hands in the coming months.

Hasbro Releases Classified Series

Hasbro is releasing their classified series, which features the return of classic characters, as well as new characters like “Gung Ho” and “Red Ninja”. The classified series features six inch figures with new molds, and multiple points of articulation for greater figure movement.[1]

Going Retro

Hasbro has also released a retro series of 3.75 inch figures styled after their 80’s action figures as a Walmart exclusive lineup, with characters like Baroness and Storm Shadow, as well as the H.I.S.S. Cobra vehicle and the A.W.E. G.I. Joe Striker vehicle. These figures will become available at Walmart in October of this year.[2]

Boxes Feature Art work from comic book artists

Each box features a different graphic design from a different comic book artist. The Classified series boxes feature art from graphic novel artists such as James Paick, Francesco Frankavilla, and Phil Noto.[3]

The Evolution of G.I. Joe

The Hasbro G.I. Joe line kicked off for the first time in 1964 with the release of their original twelve inch action figure, “America’s moveable fighting man”. It was not long before many other action figures followed suit, including British, German, and Russian action figures. The G.I. Joe brand grew steadily over the years, not only with the release of such iconic figures as their “kung fu grip” action man, but with a series of comic books, TV shows, and later on live action movies featuring famous actors such as Bruce Willis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.[4]

G.I. Joe is back

Today, G.I. Joe is coming back in force with their classified series, which features many of their 80’s themed characters such as Duke, Road Block, and the infamous Cobra Commander. The classified lineup of G.I. Joe action figures are six inches tall, and are the culmination of 56 years of the G.I. Joe brand. Alongside the launch of these action figures, Hasbro has launched an all new G.I. Joe Website detailing the history of the iconic brand, character profiles, a product page for the new action figures, and their new “G.I. Joe: War on Cobra” mobile game.

Classic Characters Return

Duke returns with his Blaster Carbine in a multi-articulated action figure for greater points of movement. He features a tough exterior with his signature scar across his eye brow. Road block returns with his heavy artillery blaster and his signature shin guards and body armor. Female G.I. Joe dolls have come a long way from “action nurse”[6] and now feature the return of Scarlett, a combat capable assassin wielding a crossbow with a quiver of razor sharp arrows, and a trio of combat knives.

New Weapons and Accessories

What would a G.I. Joe action figure be without his or her gun? The new classified series features a plethora of new weapons and accessories for our heroes and villains, including what appears to be a rendition of the shotgun from the video game Halo Reach in the hands of Gung Ho, alongside a modified Tavor assault rifle and rotary grenade launcher. Other figures feature more fantastical weapons, such as Cobra Commander’s wicked curved blade and Snake Eye’s blaster pistol, equipped with a suppressor, truly making him silent and deadly.

2020 lineup features Exclusives

Alongside classic characters, this new lineup features Profit Director Destro as a Hasbro fan channel exclusive, Arctic Mission Storm Shadow as an Amazon exclusive, and Regal Cobra Commander as a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.

Timeless Classics

It’s exciting to see how the G.I. Joe brand has grown, adapted, changed, and evolved from its inception in the 1960’s. This return of 80’s action characters shows that they are truly timeless.


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