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Articles by Matthew Nail

Hasbro vs Mattel, who has the leading edge in 2020? (12/1/2020)

Playing With Toys: How Much Better is it for Child Development Than Playing With iPad’s? (10/1/2020)
Experts agree that playing with toys is much better for young child (0 to 5 years of age) development than playing with ipad’s or other forms of electronic media: Free, unstructured play promotes interactions that boost vocabulary, nurture parent-child relationships, and encourage social skills and creativity.

Back to School in the Time of COVID: Children at greater risk of mental health problems (9/1/2020)

Hasbro Releases a New Line of G.I. Joe Action Figures (9/1/2020)
The G.I. Joe brand has been with us for about 56 years, and Hasbro continues to launch more exciting action figures in this line up. With the return of classic characters like Road Block, Duke, Scarlett, and the infamous Cobra Commander, our children will have a lot of playtime on their hands in the coming months.

Are iPads Replacing Children’s Toys? Part I (8/1/2020)
It seems that iPads and iPod touch’s are replacing toys more and more rapidly. The addictive nature of these electronic forms of media coupled with their interactive nature and rapidly increasing technology means that more and more children are asking their parents for iPads instead of Legos or Barbie Dolls.

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