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Cool Company

Happy Dog Toys
The Bubble Buddy™ blows bacon-flavored bubbles for dogs to chomp on. The TennisBone® is a tennis-ball-meets-fetching-stick that dogs can’t seem to get enough of.

They’re two best sellers in a wildly innovative product line from Happy Dog Toys, a homespun company that likes to say, “Some dogs make you want to buy a toy. Our toys make you want to buy a dog.”

Sidebar: Pet Toys in Human Stores?

ToyDirectory Mom

The ToyDirectory Mom:

What’s Wrong With This Trend? Licensing has done well for the toy industry as far as growth. Unfortunately, as the
saying goes, “too much of a good thing is bad.”
Real Retailer

The Gingerbread House

“This is Puzzleman, Defender of Creativity!!!” a voice booms through my phone. “Born on the planet Jigsaw, I am ready in a moment’s notice when Dr. Boredom looms!!”

I actually received this call. Twice to be precise. They’re saved on my voicemail, and, while my friends may think I’m weird because I get calls from Puzzleman, I had good reason. For Puzzleman is the creation of retailer Cypriana Porter, and has in fact done wonders to drive up her business. As the editor in charge of Real Retailer, I think it is only right that I receive calls from Superheroes. Come take a look as we talk to Cypriana about her business, her toys, her customers, and of course, her superhero.

Featured Three

Turn Off Your TVs and Get Outside
With some crazy innovations in classic products, and some great and innovative new ones, manufacturers are trying to lose the stigma of being a seasonal item. Most of these products can be played with in any weather…so check out what’s new, pick them up, turn off your TVs, and get outside...

Taking Bear Stuffing to the Bank
"Stuff-Your-Own" Plush Machines Pay Off
Imagine how fun this would be if you were eight: It’s your birthday party, and you’re all wound up on cake and soda, running around and having a ball. Then a handsome gent dressed up like a cowboy walks into the yard, pulling a brightly colored little house with a teddy bear on top...

A Retailer Bears All

Works of Art…and Craft
For the budding little Picasso, the new millennium is shaping up to be another Renaissance Period. Or at least a good time for parents who want to keep their tykes busy. In other words, there are plenty of new and upcoming goodies in the world of arts and crafts. Included in this category are kits, decorating materials, painting tools and modern hobby accessories. Now, for your next project, check them out!

Commentary by Wendy Baker: Arts & Crafts for Recovery


The New, the Hot and the Unusual

If At First Your Scooter Succeeds….Trike, Trike Again
"Riding the jet stream success of a scooter phenomenon they practically invented, Razor USA unveiled a high-concept, all-chrome, time-honored, wonder tricycle called the Scream Machine, at the FAO Schwartz flagship store..." Full Text

"Jada Toys line of Dub City die cast collectible vehicles has created a car - crazed phenomenon in the toy industry." Full Text

"Among the broad range of educational toys making it big in the game and hobby industry there is one particular game that stands in a class all on its own." Full Text

Gygy Inc.
"No longer simply a tool for motoring, the tricycles can become a part of the action, as children race the iditarod, or win a buggy race." Full Text


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July Survey:

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14% Very well
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5% One week
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26% Don't remember
8% More than two weeks

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15% At work
30% Family computer at home
53% Work computer at home
0% Computer belonging to someone else
2% None of the above

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