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Ultimate Family Wagon

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MSRP: $179.00
Category:Wheeled Toys

Radio Flyer has reinvented the toy wagon yet again. The company’s Ultimate Family Wagon sports a five-fold seat (patent pending) that allows for multiple seating and storage setups. Choose from 1) two children in seats with parent access storage, 2) one child in seat + covered storage area, 3) one child in seat + extra large storage area, 4) one child in seat + tray table + storage area, or 5) seats fold flat for flatbed wagon. Child seat belts are included, as is a UV-protection canopy that removes in seconds. There are two child cup holders and two adult cup holders.
— "The best quality wagons are probably Radio Flyer. They have a lock hold on the wagon market," said Casey Sartain, manager of Tutoring Toy Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah.
— "We sell a wide range of Radio Flyer wagons, which continue to be a hit," commented Kim Emigh, managing partner at Growing Tree Toys & Books in State College, Pa.
— Cheryl Barrett of Mystical Toys in Mystic, Conn., said of Radio Flyer, "More of the toys are child safe and fewer things fall off or detach."

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TDmonthly Review:

What Is It?
This convertible wagon can accommodate one or two riders, thanks to its pop-up, five-fold seats. For tots who like to hit the road alone, one seat can be flipped down and used as a table top or covered storage area. Both wagon seats can also be folded to make a flatbed wagon. Child seat belts and a UV-protection canopy are included, as are two child-sized and two adult-sized cup holders.

What We Thought
The Ultimate Family Wagon is great for tugging the kids along on a sunny day because the canopy provides a nice shade that keeps them comfortable and helps protect them from damaging rays. Our toy tester especially appreciated the double seat, since his two little girls didn’t have to fight over who got the first wagon ride.  The storage space is great for stowing favorite toys and games to keep kids amused on their journey. The large wheels and easy steering make for a comfortable ride. The handle can also stay in the “up” position, which prevents parents from having to bend down to pick it up every time the kids are ready to ride.

Why They´ll Want It
The little girls who tested the Ultimate Family Wagon found it “cozy” and “fun,” said their father. Kids will love having a vehicle all their own … which they can nevertheless choose to share in their more generous moments.  —  Alison Marek, 5/14/07

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