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Toys In The News 12/28/2020

Global Children Toys Market Report 2020-2027 COVID 19 Impact Analysis Edition Top Players Include Hamleys, Hape, HASBRO, Loujee, New Capable, SIMBA (12/28/2020)

The newly published research study on Children Toys Market provides a detailed report breaking down Porter’s Five Forces Model to get a better idea of the key player’s landscape in the industry. Additionally the report includes the market division, market elements and size, growth instruments, limitations, barriers and opportunities, manufacturer’s overview, etc.

Animation Toys Market Forecast, Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2020-2026 | Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture, Cuddle Barn, GUND (12/28/2020)

A detailed research and analysis of key aspects of the global Animation Toys market that provides in-depth information on leading growth drivers, restraints, challenges, trends, and opportunities. Companies in the report are studied based on the key factors such as company size, market share, market growth, and more.

Tech in 2020: Gamers Got New Toys with PS5, Xbox Series X, New Nvidia and AMD Cards but Left Waiting for Deliveries (12/28/2020)

Don’t worry, beloved gamers, the opening of global economies and arrival of COVID-19 vaccines should give the much-required boost to the supply chains and will also help manufacturers spike up their production, AND their deliveries.

We're Ready to Say Goodbye to 2020: Here are Some Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Your Family (12/28/2020)

As 2021 approaches, many are concerned about how to kick off the new year in the most festive way possible without taking any risks. Staying in can be just as fun as going out, and here are some ways to ultimately celebrate the hope for a better year.

LEGO Ideas is Sporting a Brand New Contest with a Huge Prize (12/28/2020)

“You could be a lifelong fan who loves their team, to a casual supporter who watches an event once a year. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is how you can show your love for sports by using – yup you guessed it – LEGO bricks!” says the contest page. There are 41 days left so giddy-up!

Most Parents Confident in School Safety from Covid, but Black Families Less So (12/28/2020)

The heart-wrenching concerns of Black families amidst the unfortunate time we live in keeps on growing. The polls have found that parents of Black students feel less assured than their white counterparts that schools will keep their children safe from Covid-19, and can they be blamed?

DC Releases Results from Parent Surveys on Virtual Learning (12/28/2020)
Information from this survey is being used to gauge feelings around learning at home, technology, health commitments, communications and engagement, according to D.C. Public Schools. You can fill it up at any time and there is no deadline.

Pregnant Women, Infants More Prone to Severe Risks of SARS-CoV-2-Infection (12/28/2020)

For this latest study, the scientists compared maternal antibodies against the flu (influenza), whooping cough (pertussis), and SARS-CoV-2, and how these antibodies transferred across the placenta. Mothers-to-be should be aware of the significant impact that COVID would have on their babies and keep themselves safe at all times.


Science and Education Toys Market: Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2020-2026 (12/27/2020)

The report contributes to a thorough perceptive of the past as well as current market conditions, in addition to obtaining information on future statistics and key areas of development with respect to technological progress. The different measures that are taken by the major players of these Science and Education Toys industries in order to deal with different situations have also been covered in this report.

Sara Blakely’s Mom on Raising 2 Successful CEOs: Let your Kids be ‘Bored’ and ‘Figure it Out’ (12/27/2020)

Necessity is the mother of invention. And necessity here also implies the need to have fun, get messy, productive, and interesting. What’s better than having absolutely nothing to do in order to have the headspace to just sit, and brainstorm creative ways to solve the problem that is boredom?


What Parents Should Know Before Watching Wonder Woman 1984 With Kids (12/27/2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 is now out in theaters and on HBO Max. Provided we’re all suckers for a family movie night, as well as the empowering insinuation behind a female heroine being featured in one of the most iconic feminist movies, parents might be considering watching this one with their kids. Warning: take the PG-13 rating as accurate.

11 New Disney World Attractions Coming in 2021 — And What Visits May be Like Next Year (12/27/2020)

Ratatouille, La Crêperie de Paris, The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve (Autograph Collection Hotel), New Epcot nighttime show: Harmonious, Space 220 restaurant at Epcot, and much more! And traditional Disney World offerings will slowly reappear throughout the course of 2021 as well!


Disney is Hiring for a ‘Star Wars’ Social Media Manager! (12/27/2020)

From the description, responsibilities, and basic qualifications, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Yes, we can feel your pounding hearts at this announcement! May the force be with you.

Signs of Suicide Presentation to be Held for Concerned Parents (12/27/2020)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in August that one in four young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 said they had considered suicide because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, some parents miss out on the warning signs, hence the Mental Health Association of Essex & Morris taking action.


STEM Activities Resume at the Gateway to Science Center in Bismarck (12/27/2020)

For the first time since the summer, the Gateway to Science Center re-opened the STEM activities program and young students are already taking notice. The STEM program is geared towards aspiring engineers, a field that the mother of a 5 year old who frequents the science center almost every week said could be his future career.

Greek Toy Manufacturers Urge Support To Unlock Exports Potential (12/26/2020)

Robust over time, yet still under-estimated for its potential and often under-reported, this niche sector of the Greek economy currently counts over a hundred businesses active in the production of toys and games, baby goods and seasonal items. Check out what Loannis Papadopoulos, the president of the Hellenic Association of Toy and Carriage Manufacturers (SEVPA), has to say.

Are Dividend Investors Getting More Than They Bargained For With Hasbro, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:HAS) Dividend? (12/26/2020)

Besides the list of  global stocks with a market capitalization above $1bn and yielding more 3%, the article features 3 warning signs in Hasbro (and 1 which can't be ignored) that they deem essential for people to know about.


Legend Of Zelda Fan Pitches LEGO Playset For Beloved Nintendo Series (12/26/2020)

A LEGO set based on The Legend of Zelda seems like a slam dunk for all parties involved.  All that's needed is a boatload of signatures and the set has a real chance of crossing the finish line and landing in the homes of gamers everywhere.


Reflux: Babies 'in agony' and Parents Feeling 'ignored' (12/26/2020)

Rachel Davies, 28, said she'd had a "nightmare for nine months", her question was, “They wouldn't leave an adult in pain, so why a baby?” So how does a doctor approach baby reflux? Find out the answer through the lens of expertise of Dr Eilir Hughes.

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