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Toys in the News 02/01/2021 (2/1/2021)
Toys R Us shutters last 2 U.S. stores. Should Disney Acquire Roku Or Spotify In 2021. Toys Market to Reach USD 212.49 Billion by 2027; Product Innovation by Lego System A/S and Nintendo Co. Ltd. to Create promising Growth Opportunities. The Brain Science Behind Fidget Toys and Dementia. Why Fortnite and GI Joe make a more natural crossover. The best Lego sets 2021.

Unbiased Non-Sponsored Quintessential Creative Products That Bolster Your Daughter's Sense of Style (2/1/2021)
Quintessential products that should belong within your child’s wide-ranging collection of accessories and products, not as merely cool items they’re soon to become blasé about, but as some kind of panache nutrients that bolster a child’s sense of style since early years.

Toys in the News 2/08/2021 (2/1/2021)

Toys in the News 01/11/2021 (1/1/2021)

Toys in the News 01/18/2021 (1/1/2021)

Toys in the News: NPD’s Analysis - Identify Market Trends - January 2021 (1/1/2021)

Toys in the News 01/26/2021 (1/1/2021)
Collection of top toys, kid's safety and parents news for the week.

The GameStop Bubble is Both the Teacher & the Lesson. Can Wall Street Endure Online Learning? (1/1/2021)
The GameStop Bubble is Both the Teacher and the Lesson. But Can Wall Street Keep Up with Online Learning?

Detangling The Web of Racial Differences (12/1/2020)
Wouldn’t our children’s innocence be an unfair trade for the real world when we expose them to racial prejudice?

Toys in the News 12/12/2020 (12/1/2020)
It’s not the first time a kid swallows a button battery that popped out of its locking mechanism, nor the first time we pray it will be the last. Experts say, “Batteries can burn through a child’s esophagus in just two hours. Don’t leave batteries out and make sure to use powered household devices that need a screwdriver to open or that can be secured with strong tape."

Toys Industry News 12/21/2020 (12/1/2020)

Toys In The News 12/28/2020 (12/1/2020)
Let your Kids be ‘Bored’ and ‘Figure it Out’. What’s better than having absolutely nothing to do in order to have the headspace to just sit, and brainstorm creative ways to solve the problem that is boredom?

Toys In The News 01/04/2021 (12/1/2020)
These Vintage Toys Could be Worth Millions - Including Barbie Dolls and Disney VHS Tapes (01/04/2021) Trading Cards, Comic Books, Beanie Babies, Barbies, Toys Cars, Board Games, and Disney VHS tapes. If you have them, KEEP THEM. Because while many may scramble to get the latest console or a brand new Lego set, the most valuable toys may actually be those that have been sitting in your storage since childhood.

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