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December 2020 | Vol. XIX - No. 12


Toys in the News 12/12/2020

Lincoln Square Toy Store Offers Generations of Unique Toys (12/12/2020)

From classic to futuristic educational toys, Timeless Toys in Lincoln Square Chicago offers a wide variety that focuses solely on enhancing a kid’s education. Educational toys target the acquisition of fundamental skills ranging from problem solving, conflict resolution, distinguishing cause and effect, to fine and gross motor skills.

The Best Gifts for Kids for 2020 (12/09/2020)

Wondering what to get your kids this Christmas? Wirecutter has done the homework on your behalf after researching and testing a hundred of toys, as well as interviewing experts and parents. Here’s their rounded up guide on the ultimate gifts you can get your kids ages 1 through 10, as well as tweens and teens. 


Parents Warn Against Dangerous Lithium ‘Button' Batteries in Holiday Toys (12/14/2020)

It’s not the first time a kid swallows a button battery that popped out of its locking mechanism, nor the first time we pray it will be the last. Experts say, “Batteries can burn through a child’s esophagus in just two hours. Don’t leave batteries out and make sure to use powered household devices that need a screwdriver to open or that can be secured with strong tape."

Hasbro Is Ahead of Mattel as Toys Go Digital (12/09/2020)

Notwithstanding the impressive comeback that Mattel has made after facing one of its biggest crises, Hasbro is “further along in its transition from a toy company to a toy and entertainment company than Mattel,” according to analyst Shawn Collins who credits Hasbro for incorporating its brand into movies and games.


LEGO Won't Make Modern War Machines, But Others are Picking Up the Pieces (12/13/2020)

After LEGO took Osprey off the market earlier this summer, certain LEGO enthusiasts took it upon themselves to recreate and embellish the set after its demise, convinced that "With LEGO bricks and a bit of imagination, the world is your oyster. Or Osprey."


Closer Look at New LEGO City Road Plates 60304 (12/14/2020)

Alongside Family House (60291) and Town Center (60292), LEGO City Road Plates (60304) will be released in 2021. Take a closer look at the item that sparked up a myriad of discussions in the building community as to how this new system will affect their current layouts.


Universal Appears to Troll Disney About New Theme Park Addition (12/13/2020)

No big whoop. Just the bona fide hub for magic and wonder failing to make an impression. As a new floating platform makes its way to the theme park’s new night shows, Universal Studio in Orlando tweets a photo with a caption that says, “We've tried it. 2/10 for CityWalk aesthetics.”

Listen and Connect: How Parents Can Support Teens’ Mental Health Right Now (12/14/2020)

Unless you were born during the previous pandemic in 1918, there is no way you’re familiar with how to deal with the whirlwind of emotions it entails, let alone help your teen through it. Check out adolescents’ psychotherapist Katie Hurley’s advice on how to navigate through your most pressing concerns.


Couple Create App Where Parents Can Swap Toys For Free (12/14/2020)

Upon one of their boys falling in love with a fire truck toy at a yard sale in the US, and the seller being generous enough to hand it out for free after witnessing how a simple toy that was previously gathering dust inflicted such happiness, Jason and Emma Ash launched YoungPlanet.  

How to Keep Your Child Safe This Festive Season (12/14/2020)

Each year, the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (RCWMCH) sees the worst of the worst cases including children getting injured in vehicle and pedestrian accidents, burns and drownings. Learn what to keep an eye on this season to avoid any possible accidents.

Mind-Expanding STEM Gifts for Kids Including Coding Robots, Rocket Kits, and More (12/11/2020)

The current global situation revolving around the pandemic has exposed children to months of clapping for doctors and nurses, and there has been an increased interest and focus on the importance of science, medicine, data and technology. Check out these 9 gifts that would provide your kids with hands-on learning opportunities in aforementioned fields.

Surprising Stories About Toy Stores (12/13/2020)

A gallant young boy punching an alleged robber at a toy store, another one escorted on a toy shopping spree by Starlight Children’s Foundation, and a couple saying “I do” at the toy aisle of K-Mart. Seems like you can have as much a special moment around toys as with them.

Ask Scary Mommy: My Family Members Have An Issue With My Son’s Baby Dolls (12/13/2020)

Perhaps, in a parallel universe, adults could miraculously realize the obvious: hurtful comments cause more damage to a little boy than his doll, the inanimate object that has no power to hurt him unless you give it that power through your own judgmental words. Read here what Scary Mommy advised a parent struggling with family members judging her child.

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