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Toys in the News 01/11/2021

Children Connected Toys Market Analysis with Overview on Top Trends, Investment Strategies, Key Players and Forecast by 2026 | Mattel, LEGO, Hasbro (01/11/2021)

The Global Children Connected Toys Market report offers actionable data through the SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Analysis, Competitors Analysis, Products and Sales Analysis. It also includes the major market situations across the globe such as the product profit, price, production, capacity, demand, supply, as well as market growth structure. 

Memories Endure Long After Childhood: Toys Play Big Role in Young Lives (01/10/2021)

One day, your toys will serve as a time capsule. Here are several stories, some of which are sad, that reflect on that nostalgic feeling one gets upon remembering their childhood toys. "I have no idea what happened to my precious Barbie doll. I would like to get her back, but I fear she is gone forever", one person said. The gist of it is, cherish your toys. 

LEGO Announces Partnership with HYPE for LEGO Ninjago Collection (01/10/2021)

LEGO has announced a partnership with fashion company HYPE for a new line of streetwear inspired by LEGO Ninjago. The adult and kids collection consists of 28 pieces featuring a number of tees, shirts, shorts, hoodies, joggers, jackets, and bags. 


Disney Considered Spider-Man and Doctor Strange Themes for DCA’s Tower of Terror ride (01/09/2021)

The Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout ride at Disney California Adventure could have been turned into a high-flying adventure starring Spider-Man or a mystic experience featuring Doctor Strange, according to recently retired Imagineer Joe Rohde. 

Disney World is Losing its Magic, and as a Lifelong Fan I Worry it Will Never Come Back (01/09/2021)

Many things might or might not really be back to normal after this pandemic comes to an end. But what are the odds that Disney World, the hub of enchantment, might lose its magic? Amanda Krause has her reasons to be scared, and as many other fans are also skeptical, she thought she’d let them in as to why. 

Fake 'Capitol Invasion' Lego Set Goes Viral After Deadly Riot (01/09/2021)

While it's not a real product, plenty of people shared the image on Twitter and left comments on Tarrio's post saying they found the idea hilarious and wanted to buy a set. Weirder still, the phony product is being celebrated on Parler, a social media platform that has become a destination for conservative politicians and media figures.


'Ambitious Girl' Reminds Kids: Your Dreams Are Not A Drawback (01/09/2021)

When Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris was "accused" of being "too ambitious" on the campaign trail, it spurred her niece, activist and author Meena Harris, into action. Thereafter, her children's book called Ambitious Girl emerged to remind young girls a thing or two about the power they hold within themselves. 


Transformers Kingdom Vertebreak Hi-Res Toy Photography by IAMNOFIRE (01/09/2021)

IAMNOFIRE goes back to the core of the Transformers War For Cybertron: Kingdom line with a brand new high-resolution Toy Photography image gallery for the core class Vertebreak Fossilizer figure. 

9 Toys From Toy Story 4 Fans Need To See Again (01/09/2021)

Knifey, Giggle McDimples, The Bensons, Ducky, Bunny, Combat Carl, Gabby Gabby, Forky, and Duke Caboom. For better or worse, these new characters of the 4th sequel have left an impression on audiences, and have left them wanting to see these toys return in another sequel. 

Special Star Wars Character-Themed Lightsabers Arrive From Hasbro (01/08/2021)

A weapon with character! The Star Wars Lightsaber Squad mashes up the characters from the saga with an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. It's not how you saw it on your screens, but it's fun! Set includes 4 individually packaged lightsabers. Check them out! 

Hasbro Creates New Purpose Organization to Further Advance Positive Global Impact; Appoints Kathrin Belliveau Chief Purpose Officer (01/08/2021)

Hasbro integrates key strategic functions across the global organization that are critical to advancing Hasbro’s positive impact around the world, including Global Government Relations, Global Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing and Philanthropy and Social Impact. 

The 28 Best Adult LEGO Sets to Buy in 2021 (01/08/2021)

With so much monotonous time trapped in the house, there are plenty of new and old sets that you haven’t gotten your hands on yet. The Post has rounded up options for all budgets, from architecture skylines to “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars”-themed kits. 

Plastic Fantastic: Meet the CPT Man Who Has Over 1 500 Barbie dolls (01/08/2021)

I started Barbie dolls when I was a young boy. My mother was not very happy, but my father stood up for me. I am very proud of my collection. Every morning when I wake up, I walk through the room and just look at them”, said Justuis Pieterse Manefelt And while the video here remains untranslated, all you need to do is take a look at this man’s epic Barbie collection. 


The Walt Disney Company Reportedly Considering Moving Some Divisions to Lake Nona, Florida (01/08/2021)

For nearly a century, The Walt Disney Company has been primarily based in California. But according to a new report from the Orlando Business Journal, things could be changing soon, as the company is reportedly considering moving a number of its divisions to Florida. 

Retro Revival: New Fisher-Price Toys for Infants Inspired by the '80s, '90s (01/07/2021)

Fisher-Price has launched a new series of toys children and their parents might equally enjoy.  The new Laugh & Learn products are inspired by products from the 1980s and 1990s, aiming to lean into young parents' love of nostalgia and help them relive childhood memories. 


How To Talk To Kids About The Riots At The U.S. Capitol (01/07/2021)

Can’t expect children to make sense of what happened when adults themselves are still having trouble grasping how the riots escalated. Music teacher Martin Urbach was up most of Wednesday night working with colleagues on lesson plans to help his students make sense of the day's events, and he wasn’t the only one. 


Black-Owned Toy Company Launches Innovative Line of STEM Toys (01/06/2021)

Teni and Tayo Creations aims to help black children close the diversity gap in STEM-related industries. The toy and book company has developed STEM projects allowing kids to build their own cars from scratch. Once the cars are complete, they actually drive. Each STEM toy car features an African superhero, who has a positive message for the child to inspire them further. 


Aboriginal Activist Files a Formal Complaint Against Scrabble for Allowing Racist Slurs as Playable Words in the Popular Board Game (01/06/2021)

Dr Stephen Hagan, from Darwin, has filed the complaint against Mattel Inc, asking them to remove 'abo', 'coon' and 'boong' from Scrabble's dictionary of playable words. In his complaint, Dr Hagan said he didn't want children to experiment with racist terms while playing the game. 

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