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Toys in the News 01/26/2021

Fiction or nonfiction? What kids really like to read (01/26/2021)

Both middle-grade and young-adult nonfiction works are more diverse and innovative than ever before, and the same is true for books for younger readers. So why do so many grown-ups have a misconception about the reading preferences of the children in their lives? 

Lego's Vidiyo is a do-it-yourself music video maker for kids (01/26/2021)

Lego and Universal Music Group (UMG) are teaming up for Vidiyo, a new set to empower kids aged seven and ten to make their own music videos. It’s a bunch of figures and blocks that, when scanned into the app, will make those characters burst into song and dance through the power of AR. 

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Will Feature Around 300 Playable Characters (01/26/2021)

"There are 23 planets/moons with 28 unique locations that the player can visit, each full of quests, challenges, items, and characters to find. If you have a favourite Star Wars location it's pretty likely you can visit it in-game", said the game's Lead hub designer, Dawn McDiarmid, During a recent interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine. 

Funko Unwraps ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ Toys! (01/25/2021)

IG user @anerdydad was able to grab an early look at two new horror Pop sets, the first being Francis Ford Coppola‘s criminally underappreciated Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the second one being vinyl toys from the action-horror The Mummy, Universal’s remake from 1999. Pre-orders should be available relatively soon. 


Michigan Entrepreneur Creates a Snowsuit That's Easy for Kids (01/25/2021) 

Currently, the snowsuits are available on and Amazon, and will soon be sold through the online site Zulily. The suits can also be found at select retailers on the west side of the state in locations like Grand Haven and Grand Rapids. The snowsuits retail for $179.99, but special offers may be available (the hats are sold separately). 

How AI Can Make the World More Fair for ‘Gifted’ Kids (01/25/2021) 

More often than not, gifted kids are forced to try and fit into traditional education paradigms. With this AI model being capable of judging a human pianist’s skill level, that’s not all there is to it. What’s most interesting about this AI project is its potential as an information module in a one-on-one AI/student teaching paradigm. 

Artist Madsaki Puts His Own Spin on Masters of the Universe For Mattel Creations (01/25/2021)

Japanese artist Madsaki is known for his spray-paint based work, which centers around his interest in art history, often with references to popular culture or manga characters. Mattel teased some of the items in the upcoming collection via the Mattel Creations Instagram. But the full Masters of the Universe x Madsaki collection will be available on Jan 29 at 9 a.m. PT from 

Nerf’s New Blasters Curve Their Shots a la Angelina Jolie in Wanted (01/25/2021)

Hasbro’s latest foam-flinging sidearms can curve their shots, possibly letting you hit targets you can’t even see. That’s because each of Nerf’s three new Rival Curve blasters has an adjustable barrel you can twist to change the angle of your shot: left or right to shoot around corners, up to shoot straight, or down to lob balls over cover. 

Market News 2021: Games and Puzzles Market Depth Research Report 2021| Hasbro, LEGO, Mattel (01/25/2021)

The report comes out as an intelligent and thorough assessment tool as well as a great resource that will help you to secure a position of strength in the global Games and Puzzles Market. It includes Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE analysis to equip your business with critical information and comparative data about the Global Games and Puzzles Market. 

LEGO February 2021 Store Calendar Promotions & Events (01/25/2021)

LEGO has uploaded the February 2021 Store Calendar and we can now see some of the promotions and events that will be happening during the month. From the Free LEGO Seasonal Year of the Ox, the Free Chocolate Box & Flower Set, to the Free LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Quad Bike, seems like February is one brick too exciting! 

How Parents Can Encourage Musical Learning During Covid (01/25/2021) 

Given the wealth of educational apps, toys, and video chat software options available, there’s no reason why your child’s music education should stall because of the current health crisis. Read this article to find out how you can help your child learn at home, even when they can’t meet with a teacher in person. 

What’s the Key to Raising Confident Kids? Here’s What the Majority of Parents Say… (01/25/2021)

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Stokke, aimed to determine how parents approach their child-rearing habits and discovered 73% said seeing their children exhibit confidence makes them feel like they’ve mastered their parenting skills. 

STEM Kits from $17: Ooze Labs, Soap Making, Terrarium, Coding, More (01/25/2021)

Amazon is offering the Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs for $17.90 Prime shipped. For comparison, it normally goes for $30 and today’s deal marks a new all-time low. If you’re looking for a great and fun way to teach your kids about chemistry, this is a fantastic option. But if your kids aren’t into STEM kits, there are also other options. 

Watch DC Heroes Teach STEM Subjects in DC's Flash Facts Trailer (01/22/2021)

DC has a wide range of comics and stories that they publish, but one of the more unique ones on the horizon is Flash Facts: Ten Terrific Tales about Science and Technology. The anthology of tales will be targeted at a middle school audience, and will see DC heroes exploring the connection between the things readers learn in school and the world around them. 

iPads for Infants and Other Post-Pandemic Early Learning Trends (01/22/2021)

While the science is simple enough, the idea of putting an infant in an accelerated development programme feels, for the want of a better word, uncomfortable. In 2019, Bloomberg reported how some parents in China are using DNA testing to check if their infants have the potential to be prodigies. Are infant learning programmes the gateway to tiger parenting? 

Barbie's New Maya Angelou Doll Is Already Sold Out (01/22/2021)

When you're a parent of small children, at some point, you come across a Barbie children's book. She is white. She is blond. She is skinny. And she's spending time with her friends, going from poolside to parties, to the mall. Noel King talks to Steve Inskeep on how the makers of Barbie have been criticized for years because their product doesn't reflect the range of how girls look or what they can grow up to be, and proof is the New Maya Angelou doll is already sold out. 

17 Best Indoor Toys for Kids that Will Keep Them Active (01/21/2021)

But as temperatures remain frigid outside, tempers rise inside when kids are cooped up with energy to burn. The good news is, there are a whole slew of sanity-saving indoor toys that’ll get your kids moving, climbing, jumping and laughing throughout the long winter. And they may even give you time to enjoy a cup of coffee…by yourself. 

9 Snow Toys for Ultimate Snowball Fights, Castle Building, More (01/21/2021)

When snow blankets Long Island, it can be almost impossible to get your kids back inside the house. Playing among the fallen flakes is fun as is, but there are toys available that can make the experience extra special. 

Is Hasbro Stock a Buy? (01/21/2021) 

Toys were a surprisingly weak category, considering so many people were at home for most of the year. However, the toymaker's business is so intertwined with other segments of the economy that its closure dramatically affected results. As we're now starting to see things move slowly back toward normal, is it a good time to invest $1,000 in Hasbro, Inc. right now? 

Five Developmental Toys for Babies (01/20/2021) 

For infants and toddlers play is learning. There are many amazing developmental toys for babies that promote developing skills that they need. From fine motor skills to the recognition of color, numbers, and letters, here are the top five choices from the experts at to not only help babies with their development while letting them have fun too. 


Viral TikTok Shows Why Infants Can’t Have Toys In Their Crib (01/19/2021)

Have you forgotten about the ABC safe sleep method for babies? Well, now you won’t ever forget. A scary viral video on TikTok might have you rethinking putting that stuffed animal or baby blanket in the crib with your infant or letting your baby sleep in a Rock ‘n Play. 


Vote now: Which Hulk Hogan will be part of Mattel’s Ultimate Edition Fan TakeOver line? (01/19/2021)

So, which Immortal look will it be? WrestleMania 9, the first WCW Nitro or WCW Uncensored 1996? Cast your vote on the link below, and stay with and all of WWE’s social media channels for more opportunities to shape the future of WWE action figure collecting! 

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