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Toys in the News 01/18/2021

A Microbiologist Has Issued an Urgent Warning About the Dangers of Bath Toys (01/17/2021)

Melbourne doctor Cameron Jones said the bath toys pose a risk to health after he cut open a duck in a laboratory test to find the hidden fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Squirting the murky water that builds up inside these toys could lead to eye, ear and skin infections, allergies, vomiting, diarrhea and other serious conditions.


LEGO Ideas Holds Fan Vote to Revive a Classic Theme for the LEGO 90th Anniversary Set (01/17/2021)


The company has assembled a list of 30 iconic themes and is holding a fan vote to select the best one. The winning theme will be turned into a single new set that will launch next year as part of the company’s lineup aimed at adult fans. Note the deadline of January 25th, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4 a.m. EST).



Five Tips for Teaching Kids Science at Home (01/16/2021)

Science contains two essential characteristics, “reproducibility” and “clarity”. For kids, clarity in science comes from exploring broad notions in a tangible way. Here are some tips on bringing the fun back into science by using cheap, accessible ingredients that may already be available in your kitchen.


Here’s Why Kids Need Camp After a Year of Remote Learning (01/16/2021)

A break from the screens, extracurricular activities, peer relationships, independence, and safe consistency have all been missing in children’s lives for over a year now. But knowing that at some point things will take a turn for the better, kids can regain those essential childhood components of growth through one single activity: camping.

Gaze Into Pac-Man’s Yearning Maw in The Best Toys of the Week (01/16/2021)


Gizmodo’s regular round up of the coolest updates in the world of wallet-draining geek merch. This week Bandai attempts to turn Pac-Man into a super articulated nightmare, Jennifer Walters is at long last green with envy, and Lego celebrates 10 years of Ninjago


LEGO Teases the Next Ideas Set With a Short Video of a Queue to the Blacksmith (01/16/2021)


Today, LEGO has shared a short funny video teasing the setting for its next Ideas set. A stop-motion animation puts us right in the middle of a long queue of knights with their weapons and armor bent and severely damaged in battles. Check it out in the link below!


Blonde Ambition: Vlogging and a Virtual Dream House help Barbie Realize a Digital Future (01/13/2021)

Barbie has been a lockdown favorite, but its most recent success has been a long time in the making. The brand has also been employing a clever digital strategy which its top marketer tells The Drum is having a “halo effect” on the wider business. Find out more!


Did Disney World and Disneyland Finally Go Too Far This Week? (01/16/2021)


The social media court of public opinion isn't happy. Folks flying in for a Disney World getaway will miss the free service that whisked them and their luggage to and from the massive Central Florida resort. Disneyland fans will now have to buy single-day tickets when they need their pixie-dust fix until a new membership-plan offering is unveiled.





Disney Executives Give Sneak Peek Into Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Rooms (01/16/2021)

And in true Disney fashion, the Disney Imagineers are going above and beyond to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience where guests will be truly immersed into the world of Star Wars while staying at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.



Children’s Screen Time Has Soared in the Pandemic, Alarming Parents and Researchers (01/16/2021)

“There will be a period of epic withdrawal,” said Keith Humphreys, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, an addiction expert and a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama on drug policy. It will, he said, require young people to “sustain attention in normal interactions without getting a reward hit every few seconds.”



Best Life: How Parents Monitor Teen’s Information (01/15/2021)

Wendy Rote, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist at the University of South Florida, studied 174 pairs of moms and teens, including 111 pairs that also included dads. She wanted to know how much information kids willingly offer up and how parents get the other details they’re looking for. Rote and her team found five to seven percent of the families were what they called covert communicators.


Walgreens and Mattel Share How Their Brands Have Evolved at CES 2021 (01/15/2021)

Selling advertising and giving Barbie a mask are 2 ways they've adapted. Take a look at what Vineet Mehra, Global Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer-Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Lisa McKnight, SVP and Global Head of Barbie & Dolls Portfolio-Mattel, Inc. did to touch on the potential of growth for a brand that spans multiple generations.

10 Toys for Kids Who Are Going to Change the World (01/15/2021)

Here are a selection of 10 toys that will help children understand different cultures and challenges worldwide, while also inspiring them to be the future advocates in the mission to end extreme poverty and its systemic causes — from climate change to racial and gender inequality, and more.

Thousands of Trumpet Toys Recalled Due to Choking Risk (01/15/2021)

The CPSC reports small plastic pieces from inside the Juratoys trumpets can come loose and present a potential choking hazard. Therefore, parents are urged to throw the toy trumpet away and contact Juratoys by phone at 855-665-9287 or via email at




For The Kid In Your Life, 3 Video Games That Play Like Storybooks (01/14/2021)

With that in mind, here are three great games to play alongside the kids in your life. While none of them are specifically marketed towards children, they're each still compelling and appropriate for younger players — and they don't require a fancy console or prior experience playing video games.





'ASMR Toys' at Big Box Stores May Just be Fidget Toys in Disguise (01/14/2021)

Launched in October, just in time for the holiday shopping season, was a line of multicolored, brightly packaged toys that promised to be "oddly satisfying," and give you tingles. Two out of six of the products came in blind bag packaging, and has since become a children’s toy industry trend in and of itself.


Mattel Just Unveiled a Barbie Doll Honoring Dr. Maya Angelou (01/14/2021)

Barbie’s Inspiring Women Series specifically celebrates women who have made history, creating dolls that pay homage to everyone from Frida Kahlo to Amelia Earheart and Rosa Parks. Now, the franchise has revealed its latest honoree: Dr. Maya Angelou.





Transformers Thundercracker Takes to the Sky With New Hasbro Figure (01/14/2021)

Thundercracker will come with a nice set of accessories, including 3 alternate faces, 5 blast effects, 2 Null Rays, 2 power bases, and a special character card. Transformers fans will not want to miss out on this great figure that will have any Autobot running for their money.

Tackling Our STEM Education Challenge: Innoverge (01/14/2021)


Innoverge is an educational equity non-profit organization promoting STEMxHumanities opportunities for underrepresented youths, originally based out of the Greater Seattle Area. Fortunately, they have dedicated people working to fill in the gaps where our current education system falls short. Check out this interview with Archika Dogra, the founder and executive director of Innoverge.

Olay Supports STEM Education Across The Country With Science Kits Created For Blended and Virtual Learning (01/13/2021)


In September, Olay announced a 10-year commitment to double the number of women and triple the number of women of color in STEM careers by 2030. With this offer to teachers on International Day of Women and Girls in STEM, Olay hopes to shine a spotlight on the educators who are STEM heroes and mentors, and to inspire more young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields.


Writer's Bio: A trilingual Translator & Interpreter who graduated from Notre Dame University in 2018, with a primary focus on various interdisciplinary practices. Stemming from my deep fondness for literature and psychology, my writing journey began 14 years ago and remains the beating heart at the very core of my career. Read more articles by this author


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