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Unbiased Non-Sponsored Quintessential Creative Products That Bolster Your Daughter's Sense of Style

Call them a trend, a fad, or a craze, but we would much rather call them quintessential products that should belong within your child’s wide-ranging collection of accessories and products, not as merely cool items they’re soon to become blasé about, but as some kind of panache nutrients that bolster a child’s sense of style since early years. 

Some would say there are far more important traits to underpin than a simple fashion sense. Thing is, if math is simple, then so is building a fashion sense. One plus one equals two. Fur plus sheer chiffon equals a fashion crime. Now, never mind the fashion talk. 

For kids, acquiring a sense of style means mastering the art of blending in while at the very same time standing out as unique. And with this process, much bigger lessons come to play. As trends are ever-changing, there is a solid pattern of constant development that emerges out of innovative ideas, and this is exactly what our world is all about: evolution. 

Take it from someone who was once a child herself and is now the proud resident of a house cluttered with childhood goods and chattels, the Loom Bands, for instance, not only embedded patience in my creative endeavors, but they also taught me how to KNIT! Ergo, I was presented with the opportunity to succeed in the fashion industry, except among the most trending have-to-have items of my days was a ginormous girly book called Le Dico Des Filles, and it came with a ridiculous amount of stickers and a tiny pretty notebook in which I wrote down my own petites ideas. It was thanks to this 4 pounds weighty tome that I developed the firm belief of wanting to be a writer or, more than that, a writer highly skilled at knitting. 

Not only did trending accessories and items complement my creative interests, but they also seemed to pave the way towards more opportunities in the future. Yes, this is the bit where I refer to some of the wisest words said by the beloved Abraham Lincoln, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." 

Whether it’s textile, decorative, paper, functional, or fashion crafts, a child’s creativity is prone to manifest in limitless ways. That being said, we’ve rounded up a list of the most trending crafting kits and accessories for your kids to have nowadays. Scroll carefully, because everything from use, credible references, sources, and reviews, to price ranges and packaging will be covered to make both the choice and the shopping experience easier for you! 

On top of that, for each item listed below, you will find links that will direct you to competing products with negative reviews on Amazon, provided it’s the most customer-centric website on which people are usually prone to making the mistake of trusting the first 5 stars review without exactly paying attention to details that might point them out to what they DON’T want in a product. Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you this time. 

  1. Natural Face Paints 
Children find beauty in everything. Whether it’s a superhero face painting as terrifying as the Hulk or as intriguing as Iron Man’s, children just LOVE basking under the warmth of fantasies and wear the face of their favorite superhero. And that’s not nearly a close enough example to address the broadness of the scope of their imagination. With 3,561 sales on Etsy alone, the positive reviews for Natural Earth Paint never ceased to bring a sense of comfort to shoppers worldwide. You can find this kit, among others, on their original website for just $18.95!


Description: This clay and mineral-based face and body paint is similar to the original body paints first used by humans thousands of years ago. Not only are the paints safe, but you will nourish your skin with healthy skin conditioners such as organic, fair-trade Shea butter and organic castor seed oil.

Contains: 6 containers of face paint and 3 bamboo makeup applicators. Colors included: Red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white.

Packaging: 100% post-consumer fiber, 4.5" wide x 5" tall x 2" deep.

Compare and contrast time. While Natural Earth Paint promises (and delivers) products that are exactly as described online, others just fail at delivering this same promise. For instance, take a look at this Water Based Face Body Paints kit on Amazon that is, supposedly, “water activated and works the same way as watercolor paints”. I mean I guess the whole purpose of paint is to… paint? So before you place your order, just make sure it serves its purpose because these reviewers here were utterly disappointed. 


  1. Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

It makes a whole lot of sense for your little girl to just want to have fun with her hair. By the end of the day, she’s too young to dye her hair, but not too old to dream of being a unicorn or a mermaid or… just simply glamorous. But that isn’t just accomplished by purchasing any clip-in hair extensions, and HairHued knew that. As Etsy's TOP SELLER of Custom Hair Extensions, they provide one of the most interesting varieties of dyed human hair extensions and, better yet, they LOVE custom orders. You want something, their 20 years of experience as licensed hair colorists can surely make it happen. All extensions are made of REMY quality human hair and can be shampooed, conditioned, curled, straightened, & braided. Their prices range from $8.34 to $98.50 all the while making sure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

Description: With approximately 6-8 grams of hair, each extension is 1.25" wide and 18" long 100% real human hair extensions. Wefts are doubled, then sewn together and then are sewn on to a 1.25" mini clip. They easily clip into existing hair to add a pop of fun color.

Available Colors: Ombre, Galaxy, Solids, Unicorn, Mermaid, and more.

Packaging: Extensions come beautifully wrapped in a beautiful reusable bag for storing. Gift wraps are available and will have your package wrapped in heavy duty wrapping paper of your choice: Black & Pink Unicorn or Silver Glitter. Includes a Unicorn gift tag and Bow.

All in all, customers were very pleased. 

However, one reviewer was accidently misled with the quantity she’d be receiving, but nevertheless gave the product 4 stars. And although the website provides customers with the option to pick the quantity they’re purchasing, it could indeed be confusing to distinguish between one single clip-in extension and a single package of 10. No biggie though, just a kind imploration for more clarity in the item’s description in the future! 

Whether you’re buying real human hair extensions or synthetic ones, make sure to check if the extensions will stay clipped to your hair by remaining attached to their hooks in the first place. Otherwise, just order hair clips. Some people, however, fell for the trap on Amazon by buying these colored wavy clip-in hair extensions.

  1. Eco Candle-Making Kit

By immersing themselves in artistic challenges, children wind up developing their motor skills significantly while becoming more detail-oriented, and focus on coming up with the one end-result that meets their needs for pride and self-confidence. The opportunity for them to create something out of scratch fosters their creativity in ways we might or might not be aware of. That being said, there has been an 893% increase in searches on Etsy for candle making kits, according to Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. This featured kit is by AfterPartyCandleCo , that offers handmade vintage style candles made from repurposed champagne bottles, and is for just $49

Description:  Made with sustainable coconut wax and a 100% cotton wick. No Phthalates. Zero animal testing.

4 Fragrance oils: Green Cedarleaf, White Floral, Grapefruit Acai, and Sandalwood Musk.

Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging. They aim for zero waste in their products and their company. Their minimal packaging is earth friendly and beautifully arrives with an elevated feel and personal touch. 

Lo and behold, we couldn’t find one bad review!

When ordering kits, checking the bad reviews is as equally important as checking the bad ones. Whereas some people miss on something or just “let it go” because it wasn’t a fundamental component of the kit they’re purchasing anyhow, others don’t, because it’s fundamental to them, and it might be to you as well. This Candle Making Kit on Amazon messed up the size, tumblers, scents, and forgot to send the stir spoon that was supposed to be part of the whole kit. Surprisingly, delivering the kit at all was the only promise this seller has lived up to. 

  1. Embroidery Kits

Kids about the age of 4 can start learning embroidery! Aside from it being one of the most fun crafty arts your kid can get hooked on, it has proven to teach patience and discipline, while helping your child develop a unique sense of taste that renders his/her creative mind an inspiring instrument of expressiveness. According to Johnson, searches for embroidery projects and kits have increased by 148% on Etsy. And as shown by Google Trends, the searches for embroidery kits this January was at its peak! One of the best kits for kids aged 6+ is by SozoDIY for $31 on Etsy, offering wide range of designs to purchase such as Princess, Ginger Cat, Black Kitten, Pirate, Fox, Rainbow, Unicorn, Owl, Mermaid, Frida Kahlo, and much more. Their website is all the more interesting, offering embroidery kits for both kids AND adults, with everything you need to know to start your or your kid’s crafty journey, and prices that do not exceed $54.90. That, of course, if they weren’t on sale in the first place.

Description: The embroidery design is printed on a short stitch - heavy fabric net, so there's no need for embroidery hoop, which makes the embroidery kit easy for younger children age 6 and up. After you finish your work, just fold the Eco-friendly cardboard package, and turn it into a display frame. Place your embroidery art into the frame. Decorate the frame using Sharpie’s, washi tape and even some sparkles. Image size is 16cm X 16cm | 6.5" X 6.5", and the frame size is 20cm X 20cm | 8" X 8".

Kit Includes:

- Printed pattern on heavy fabric net

- Colorful yarn

- Quality stainless steel round-tip embroidery needle

- Cardboard frame (packaged in a cardboard envelope, that easily turns into a display frame)

- Full instructions of how to stitch and how to fold packages into frame.

Packaging: Eco-friendly package that turns into a display frame. 

As mind-stimulating as embroidery kits can be for children, they can also be an exercise in terror if they lack the proper instructions for the kid to actually know what he/she is doing in order to succeed doing it. This 3 Sets Beginners Embroidery Kit on Amazon specifically says it’s fit for kids. Well, it seems like customers disagree. What I’m trying to say is, ALWAYS check whether your kit includes the proper manual with the needed instructions to make use of it.

  1. Paint-By-Number Pet Kits

Guess what? Not only is it a stressful time to be indoors for all family members equally, but right here might be the cure that alleviates it. Tested and approved by a solid 539% increase in searches for paint-by-number kits on (you guessed it) Etsy. This kit right here is especially stress-relieving as it brings about the paint-by-number experience, as well as the right amount of pet designs’ loveliness needed to warm the hearts of both kids and adults. ApplePiePainting is loved and appreciated by a multitude of pet lovers who were no less than satisfied with the experience. With their creative approach to puppy love, these designs will help your kid feel the alchemy involved between a child’s interest in pets, and its effects on his/her cognitive development, as well as feel the magical soul-settling properties of this type of art. Price range varies according to the design and its size, but for $67.72, you can purchase this kit and you can also take a look at their Valentine Kits and offers! Note that this store also offers custom painting kit offers through which you can place your order and upload your pet’s photo while their team of professional artists transform your photo into a custom traced paint-by-number canvas ready for you to paint on.

Description: Paint-By-Number-Pets has reinvented the industry and has created a product that’s purr-fect and easy for anyone; it’s super simple, even kids can do it. With the larger sized sections to paint, combined with a less complicated color scheme; they have created this product to be a much easier and more enjoyable experience, unlike anything else on the market.

Kits Includes:

- Your Hand Sketched Custom Canvas

- Your Choice Of Paint Colors

- High Quality Brushes (3)

- 4"x6" Photo Color Key

- 10 Well Paint Palette

- Easy To Follow Instruction

Packaging: Corrugated cardboard box swiftly crafted to section all the items included in an organized package.

Now even though there’s not much that can go wrong with Paint-by-Number kits (unless they lack the numbers or the drawing altogether), when people purchase kanvases, the first thing they look forward to is being able to hang the end result up on their walls. Unless you don’t care to hang it, make sure it comes with a ready-to-hang frame because this Paint-by-Number kit had customers who cared to put it up as a part of their home deco not being able to.

  1. Jewelry Making Beads Kit

If oxygen runs out of style, then so would jewelry making. The most colorful and fun for kids? Beads. No question. I remember owning a beads collection that would put other girly girls to shame. From making necklaces to earrings to bracelets, and designing my own princess bed and house plants with bead ropes, the possibilities seemed endless. As a side note, many components of making a beaded craft increase strength and coordination in the small hand and finger muscles, and I live to testify.  This Jewelry Making Beads Kit is what you get for $38.54 from GreatFindsCraft which has the buyers absolutely raving. 

Description: The beads are made of acrylic plastic material, non-toxic environmentally friendly material that is durable and not easy to break, and the letters are brightly colored. This DIY craft beads can help children improve hand eye coordination, improve the practical ability, better play to the child's imagination, and the letter beads are good for the child's hand-eye coordination ability and improve the amblyopia training.

Kit Includes: - 200 pieces x colorful bubblegum beads (8mm)

- 100 pieces x transparent crackle glass beads (8mm)

- 100 pieces x frosted glass beads (8mm)

- 100 pieces x crystal glass beads (8mm)

- 100 pieces x loose ball beads (8mm)

- 200 pieces x round black and white letter beads (6*6mm)

- 200 pieces x colorful square letter beads (7*4mm)

- 50 pieces x star shape beads

- 50 pieces x 3D flower shape beads

- 50 x pieces heart shape beads

- 50 x pieces letter shape beads

- 2 x 0.8mm bracelet strings

- 3 x leading wires

- 10 colors x rolls colorful elastic ropes(2m) (red, white, blue, purple, brown, green, pink, orange, yellow, pink, black)

Packaging: The package has a multi-shaped bead combination that sections beads by shape. 

While this kit has beads that includes A-Z letters, ones with convenient sizes, and vibrant colors, other kits might deny your kid the chance to create their own friendship or name accessories because they lacked a number of letters, or the beads’ size might be too small and therefore risky, easy to get lost, hard to use, and just simply non-satisfying to look at. Here is one Bead Kit on Amazon that left purchasers disappointed because of the above reasons. 

  1. DIY No-Sew Face Mask Kits

Well, well. If it isn’t face masks the first recommendation by Hostinger for the top trending products to sell this year! With the world having been in pandemic mode for over a year and a half now, the transition towards normalcy is just as confusing as it’s been throughout this whole time. It has been especially hard for kids to fully grasp the urgency of wearing face masks, more often than not acting impulsively and removing them without even realizing they’re doing it. But turning a face mask into an art project, might be a little push towards your kids wanting to show off their own craft, thus making them more aware of what they’re wearing on their face and less likely to just take it off rashly. In fact, due to the rising demand for face masks, analysts have estimated that Etsy's earnings per share soared more than 175%. So we thought, since the masks shopping is ongoing, we’d recommend this DIY No-Sew Face Mask Kit available on Etsy for $15.62 by its original seller FiandMe. According to its customers, FiandMe never ceases to impress with the best quality possible!

Description: Mask is made from two layers of 100% cotton fabric. Elastics are made from a Nylon cord elastic which is much softer on the ears than regular elastic. Way more comfortable to wear! Choose from two different prints. ‘Rocket Man’ or ‘Paisley Princess’. Use nontoxic washable markers to color in the pictures. You can always throw your mask in the washing machine to start over and color your mask again!

Kit Includes: One mask of your choosing and a set of elastic ties for making ear loops. These masks come with nose wire sewn in for you. This helps to ensure a nice custom fit for the face. 

Packaging: We didn’t find information on the packaging, but we’re hoping they come in recyclable cardboard boxes with little designs as cute as the ones on the masks!

Our constant utmost concern when purchasing products is whether we’re being lied to in the description. Hence my whole emphasis on the importance of reviews. Masks are uncomfortable all on their own. Being forced to wear them nowadays, we’re all looking to purchase the ones that are more or less soft on the face. Our first thought? Cotton. Nevertheless, this seller on Amazon promised, as per the product’s name, a Perfect Stix Tie Dye Mask Kit with 3 100% cotton masks. Needless to say, it was neither perfect nor cotton. 


  1. Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As per Hostinger as well, Google Trends have shown an increase in demand for anti-blue ray glasses for kids as well as people of all ages. Due to the extensive time spent learning online, parents want to make sure their children’s eyes are protected from any long-term harm. Those glasses are the ultimate solution, and they come in a variety of beautiful colors to suit all fashionable tastes! LenzLove is offering those lightweight blue ray filter glasses for $30.22 on Etsy, and people love them. 

Description: Blue light blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that are designed to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. You can take it to your eye doctor to replace with prescription lenses!!

Gender: Unisex/Children

Age: 7 to 12

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Lens Width: 47MM / 1.85in

Lens Height: 40MM / 1.57in

Frame Material: Acetate

Package Includes: 1 frame of your choice.

Last but not least, stylish eye-wear is everywhere. When purchasing blue-light blocking glasses for kids, it’s a no brainer that the intent behind the purchase is to protect your kid’s eyes from harmful UV rays. So, make sure to check the credibility of your seller, because those should-have-been Blue Light Blocking Glasses seem to be at least fun to wear.


Etsy Products are Trending & Even Elon Musk Kinda Loves It!

Elon Musk tweeted about Etsy on the 26th of January  and it made us think. The impact of influencers on the stock market isn’t a new phenomenon. But we’re not talking about just any influencer here. We’re talking about the first and only CEO influencer, who happens to be the richest man in the world with 36.6 million followers on Twitter. After his somewhat flattering praise of our beloved artisan website Etsy, the latter hit an intraday record with an 11% increase in shares gained. CNN BusinessMarkets InsiderFox BusinessEntrepreneurYahoo FinanceTheStreetCNet, and a whole lot of other news and information websites are raving about this big win for Etsy! However, it is not the first time that Elon Musk has indirectly (or deliberately?) influenced financial markets. We can list a few of Musk’s tweets, amongst many, that moved Tesla’s stock rapidly. But it is not much about listing the ways through which Elon Musk generates more profit for his own company, as it is a question of a pattern we’ve noticed but still are not sure on what he stands to gain out of it. During this month alone, Musk’s two-word endorsement tweet has boosted Signal Messaging's app downloads, as well as the stock of a tiny medical devices company that goes by a similar name (hm…) and just under 24 hours, GameStop surged 50 percent in extended trade after Musk tweeted "Gamestonk!!", and Etsy’s stock jumps also thanks to his simply-worded tweet. I mean, we share your love, Mr.Musk, but I’m personally just sitting here, wondering. I’ll gnaw on it for the time being, and salute you for being a bonafide rockstar on social media, while congratulating Etsy, first and foremost, because seriously, did you expect this?! Well-deserved.

Writer's Bio: A trilingual Translator & Interpreter who graduated from Notre Dame University in 2018, with a primary focus on various interdisciplinary practices. Stemming from my deep fondness for literature and psychology, my writing journey began 14 years ago and remains the beating heart at the very core of my career. Read more articles by this author


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