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ToyDirectory® - Hugg-A-Planet Space Station Earth Moon Mars Set from HUGG-A-PLANET,
Hugg-A-Planet Space Station Earth Moon Mars Set

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Hugg-A-Planet is a line of soft, squishable, detailed astronomical bodies. Each Hugg-A-Planet features hundreds of geographic features and destinations illustrated and labeled on the planet’s shell. NASA embraced Hugg-A-Planet as a teaching tool and sent the plush Moon, Mars, and Earth into space aboard the International Space Station. This set celebrates that achievement by including Hugg-A-Planet Earth, Moon, and Mars identical to those currently in orbit.
— Online Reviews: Parents attest to the set’s appeal to children of all ages. The youngest of children are drawn to the set’s bright colors and use the planets as pillows or safe balls. Slightly older children like to find where they live on the Earth. Older kids can use the set for a homework aid as they learn geography and astronomy. The Earth includes a pocket that can be used to store the Moon, and enterprising youngsters have turned this pocket into a storage compartment for their favorite possessions. See Potamus Prefers, Sara Plays House, and Night Owl Mama.
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