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Articles by David Allen

Stop Managing Time, and Start Managing Yourself (1/1/2011)
You can’t manage time. Time just is

How to Organize Your Workspace (12/1/2010)
We often get questions about personal work areas: “What is the best way to organize a desk space, bookshelves, and my whole office? What special gadgets or tools can help me organize the work most efficiently?

How to Manage Your Time in Three-D (11/1/2010)
For many years I have been teaching about the horizontal and vertical aspects of productivity. “Horizontal” represents the ability to quiet distractions and maintain a complete and total inventory of things to do across the whole spectrum of our day-to-day engagements

Stop Micro-Managing Your Mind (10/1/2010)
One of the greatest traps in growing a business is also a pitfall for self management: if you don’t trust your system, you can’t let go of operational details and you’ll limit your ability to create at a bigger level.

Don't Sabotage Your Business With Busy-ness (9/1/2010)
Recently while coaching a leader, I discovered another level of the busy trap — the syndrome: “If I can just do something that feels like I’m working with focus, I don’t have to deal with the angst about all the other stuff I should be doing.”

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