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Giant Glitter Scoubiloop by SCOUBILOOP LLCName: Giant Glitter Scoubiloop
Age: All Ages
Price: Not Specified
Category: Arts & Crafts

What Is It?
Scoubiloop strands are a colorful collection of plastic hollow strands that can be braided into key rings, friendship bracelets and even animals. This particular pack of high quality, odorless glittery strands is larger than the normal fare, measuring a full 6.5 feet per strand, and considerably thicker in width. The package includes instructions to a basic rectangular knotted design that can be attached to a large key ring and used as a key holder or tied to a doorknob as a decoration. Visitors to the Scoubiloop Web site can view instructions to other designs that the colorful strands can woven into.

What We Thought
Because these strands are so thick and long, they can be a bit more unwieldy than the normal Scoubiloop variety. However, they can also make larger crafts, a boon for anyone who likes to show off the results of their labor in a big way, and the basic weaving instructions are still relatively easy to follow. The fact that the plastic strands are round also poses logistical problems that would be less taxing were the strands flat, but the round, hollow design does allow for wire to be easily fit within the material, making more complex projects easier to pull off. All in all, crafting with Scoubiloop Giant Glitter strands is worth the effort.

Why They’ll Want It
Playing with pastel rainbow-colored glitter strands is good times for any girl, especially when the activity can be done while watching close football matches, episodes of The Office or while chilling on the playground, talking trash about the hall monitor. And what mom, best friend or future boyfriend wouldn’t want to receive a plastic glitter rectangle thingy that can be put to a million uses, from holding the laundry key to dangling off the paper towel dispenser to decorating a belt loop or baseball cap size adjuster? The addictive activity will have many converts in the new year — mark my words.
-- Vanessa VanderZanden, 1/30/06

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