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The stones in these rings change colors depending on the mood of the wearer. Mood rings appeal to buyers of all ages and both sexes, retailers told TDmonthly Magazine. Forty-eight pieces are contained in the display; the product is sold by the display only and each ring is packaged on a blister card.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9076      (added 8/21/2006)

MSRP: $4.99
Age Range: 6 and up
Category: Novelties

This real working ink pen is a great gag gift. It writes in blue and is in the shape of a finger. When someone pushes the bottom section of the finger, the pen produces various fart sounds. The pen has five different fart sounds and measures 5 1/2". Replaceable batteries are included. 
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 4479      (added 9/7/2005)

MSRP: $1.49
Age Range: 5 and up
Category: Novelties

Kids can place these under dollars, pencils, candy, etc. and then pull away when someone reaches for the tricked-up item.
— This simple toy comes with instructions and five great gags on the back of the package.
— It’s a favorite joke item on
— Some bill snatchers include a real dollar right in the package.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3784      (added 6/15/2005)

MSRP: $7.99
Age Range: 7 and up
Category: Novelties

It looks like a normal can sitting on the kitchen shelf, but when the victim opens the top, two colorful 5’ coiled-spring snakes leap out!
— The snakes can be fitted into all kinds of containers.
— Valerie Pontbriand, owner of Four Eyes Joke Shop in Southbridge, Mass., likes to repackage and sell the snakes in a fishing creel. Other stores can devise their own special snake surprises for their customers.
— Snakes can be bought in cans that claim to be house mints, peanuts and mustard.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3782      (added 6/15/2005)

MSRP: $3.98
Age Range: 7 and up
Category: Novelties

Gum lovers will get a shock when they reach for this really wild cherry gum. Rigged with a AAA battery, the gum delivers a startling but harmless shock to the potential chewer.
— A shock pen is among the top-10 practical jokes on
— All kinds of shock items are best sellers at Unnecessary Necessities in Queen Creek, Ariz.
— Other shock items available through various outlets include shock cell phones, cigarettes, diaries and a shocking computer mouse.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3781      (added 6/15/2005)

MSRP: $0.99
Age Range: 7 and up
Category: Novelties

Many of the new fake poops have everything but the smell. A variety of “accidents” from both dogs and cats are popular, as are poop pens.
Super Deluxe Fake Crap, at $4.99, is the #1 best-selling gag item at the Four Eyes Joke Shop in Southbridge, Mass., says co-owner Valerie Pontbriand. It’s so realistic, it sticks to customers’ shoes.
— Kids buy crap because “their friends have it, and they think they need it, too,” says Stan Rust, store manager of Phillips Toy Mart in Nashville, Tenn.
— Fake crap was one of the top-10 practical joke items on
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3778      (added 6/15/2005)
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