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Category: Apparel

Whenever a child wears a t-shirt or sweatshirt bearing The Wumbler Patch logo or Wumbler designs, both children and their parents are supporting The Wumbler Patch's initiative and goals in "making the world a better place for ALL children." The entire line of Wumbler Patch apparel comes in watermelon colors ONLY: red, green, and brown, with white arriving this Spring.
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Category: Plush

Snuggle up with your soft and cuddly Wumbler named Bertrum. He is guaranteed to be your best friend
Available in 8.5", 5" and a backpack clip.

The Wumblers rely on their best buddy Raimundo as they tackle life in Wumbleton. Raimundo is a cuddly little snail with big dreams to make little ones smile.
Available in 8.5", 5" and a backpack Clip
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Category: Plush

Born from watermelon and at the center of one of our most successful "social" enrichment activities for kids held at The Wumbler Patch retail store, Baby Wumblers teach children the importance of caring for ALL beings, even the weakest and most vulnerable. Each Baby Wumbler transforms from a soft, cuddly watermelon into an adorable blue or pink Baby Wumbler that children can register on line at the Wumblers website. Each baby arrives with a bright yellow identification band worn by the adopting child which states, "It's A Wumblerful World We Live In!" Each band marks the adoption and full commitment by children and their families to helping "make the world a better place for ALL!"
— “I love the message behind these Baby Wumblers and the things that it teaches not only our kids but ourselves as well,” said the reviewer at Mommy 2 Two Girls. Her kids, on the other hand, loved that the Wumbler could be tucked back into its “little watermelon house.”
— After testing the Baby Wumblers with her sons, Erin Tales from The Mom Buzz jokingly observes that a “toy like this can start arguments if you don’t have one for each kid.” Her sons “were so excited when they discovered them,” while Erin liked that the watermelon transformation “opens up discussions about watermelons and healthy snacks!”
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 21871      (added 12/18/2008)

Blending watermelon with imagination, learning, and fun, each Wumbler DVD and CD centers itself upon lessons critical to nourish the "whole and balanced" child. The Wumbler Patch's goal is to help parents raise children that understand the many responsibilities they have to "human kind and the world" in a way that leaves a positive impression on them and remains a lifelong goal.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 21870      (added 12/18/2008)

Everything about The Wumbler Patch and its Wumbler characters seeds itself in social, global, environmental, and humanitarian fun and learning wrapped up in the WATERMELON. Its games, puzzles, and full line of plush all share the same theme.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 21869      (added 12/18/2008)
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