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George tands 13" from nose to wall. Adjustable antler span is 16". Girth is 21". Ready to hang; choose big-game shoulder mount or solid pine plaque mount. Plaque size: 9"x12" His name was chosen in honor of two famous Mainers: President George H.W. Bush and Senator George Mitchell. He is one of the most popular moose every year, loved by Democrats and Republicans alike. NEW and improved George has Deep (fuzzy) nostrils and a lower jaw with teeth and tongue.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 24952      (added 8/18/2009)

Polar bears are well-adapted to severe cold. In fact, they often have a problem with overheating and have to take frequent breaks to cool down while hunting. Posed with her head turned to the left, lovely Anouk is a picture of grace with her calm expression. Shown here as a plaque mount; she is also ready to hang as a big game shoulder mount.
You can pose the lower jaw to make a sweet smile or to show a little tongue! Anouk stands 15" from the wall. Shoulder mount is an ample 36" girth. Plaque mount is a solid pine 11"x14" plaque
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 24951      (added 8/18/2009)

As North America's largest native land mammals, buffalo "bulls" stand up to six feet tall at the shoulder, are 10 feet long and can weigh over a ton. Revered by the Plains Native Americans; their word "Tatanka," means "buffalo." He is often purchased to be part of a theme room. Tatanka stands 16" from the wall with a 40" girth and 14" between horn tips. Available only as a big game shoulder mount. Ready to hang and enjoy.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 24950      (added 8/18/2009)

Cliff enjoys being around the other trophies and people. Posed looking to the left gives Cliff a sense of confidence. His long 26" horns are fully adjustable. Stands 18" from the wall with a 33" shoulder mount girth, and 16" horn span. Ready to hang and enjoy.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 24949      (added 8/18/2009)
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