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Toads Of Fun by DAD'S INK LTD.Name: Toads Of Fun
Company: DAD'S INK LTD.
Age: 4-8
Price: $14.95
Category: General Games

What Is It?
Itís a board game with a toady theme. You get a toad of a different color, and when your turn comes around, you spin not one, but two spinners (oneís numbers, the otherís colors). You then find a lily pad that matches the spun color, and a number on the lily pad. So far, so toady. If there are flies where you land, catch them and put them on your home ďlog.Ē First one to fill their log with six flies, wins. But Ö there are some catches. You can get dumped into the pond. The dreaded bumblebee or another toad can send you back to your log, and if this happens, your flies go back to the lily pads, and you have to start over.

What We Thought
Well, it was pretty easy to grasp the game, when the family sat down to play (with a 6 and an 8 year old). We spun, we caught flies, we got dumped in the pond, we lost our flies, someone won. We played another game, and had some more toady fun. It was a pleasant game that occasionally got bloodthirsty when one of the boys knocked the otherís toad about. We got into a discussion about the differences between toads and frogs, amphibians and reptiles, and one of the boys (the older) wanted to play the game with real toads. A good time was had by all, and it was voted as a keeper.

Why Theyíll Want It
Itís a deceptively fun game, and one of the few games that can truly span the 4 to 8 year old gap. Normally whatís good for a 4 year old is too young for the 8 year old, or whatís fine for the 8 year old is too tough for the 4 year old. Toads of Fun was great for everyone. Its very simplicity makes it addictive. Itís all about the spinners, and the tides of the play can change at any moment, so thereís nothing predictable about it. Good for the whole family.
--TDmonthly Staff, 10/18/05

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