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Dr. Dreadful Freaky Food Lab by FUNRISE INC.Name: Dr. Dreadful Freaky Food Lab
Age: 5 and up
Price: $24.95
Category: Kits

What Is It?
The Dr. Dreadful Food Lab is an interactive activity thingie that is part food, part monster, all gross. The set comes with "Lab Links" that can be used to build your own laboratory environment (they kinda hook together like a playset), an injector station, a skull bowl, beakers, molds for making gruesome gooey creatures and more. It’s got food packets and collectible experiment cards that include give step-by-step instructions on how to make food that looks gross but tastes great! Makes slime and edible monsters and bubbling brains and everything a kid (and dad) could want.

What We Thought
First off, this thing rocks! From a kid standpoint, from a parent standpoint — it rocks hard. My six-year-old and I opened the thing up and it was full of weird and wonderful items, like the skull bowl and the monster molds. First thing we did was build our “laboratory”! My son did most of the work while I deciphered the instructions. Then, we looked through the experiment cards and picked our first mad scientist experiment: bubbling brains! We measured (and that was great — my son got into that) and stirred and: “It’s a alive!!!” The brains bubbled over the skull bowl and we slurped our fill (sickly sweet, but much better than real brains). We spent the rest of the day measuring, stirring, filling monster molds, and eating the monsters. It was pretty disgusting, and we both brushed our teeth well after it was all over. And it was great.

Why They’ll Want It
It’s got monsters and experiments, and kids who can read (it was a little too advanced for my six-year-old), can spend hours safely creating all sorts of gross things (which later show up at dinner). There’s also extra Food Lab Booster packs, as well as a whole Demented Drink Lab that goes along with this. It’s totally fun and ghastly. What more can you ask for?
--TDmonthly Staff, 10/18/05

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