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TDmonthly Magazine Product Reviews for FABRICAS SELECTAS USA (FS-USA)


Below are some of the products from FABRICAS SELECTAS USA (FS-USA) TDmonthly has reviewed.

Rooster Marbles by FABRICAS SELECTAS USA (FS-USA)Name: Rooster Marbles
Age: 5 and up
Price: $3.00
Category: Novelties

Feeling the smooth texture of the colorfully swirled glass between your thumbs, one remembers the forgotten joys of marbles. Both enjoyable to look at and as timeless game pieces, marbles have had amazing staying power in this day of high-tech toys.

Mega Marblesí (ToyDirectory) new Rooster pack contains 24 player marbles, one larger shooter marble and 2 display rings to show-off the glass treasures. With seven colorful new marble designs for 2003, Mega now has over 60 different styles with individual head cards for its marble collection.

Mega Marbles will make a wonderful addition to any retail counter. Easy to tote and easy to afford, the glass marbles are seductive: Once you pick them up, you may not be able to put them down.

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