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Below are some of the products from HASBRO INC. TDmonthly has reviewed.

Feed Me Pumbaa by HASBRO INC.Name: Feed Me Pumbaa
Company: HASBRO INC.
Age: 3 and up
Price: $19.99
Category: Plush

What is It?

"Uh oh! You might not want to stand downwind!" says Feed Me Pumbaa, which is based on the smelly warthog from Disney´s animated classic, The Lion King. This grotesque yet loveable creature speaks whenever you feed him one of the three plush bugs included in the set. To add to his fun little quips and silly sounds, Pumbaa will let out an enormous, giggle-inducing gas bomb whenever you pull his tail.

What We Thought

The hygienically-impaired character that audiences enjoyed watching on the big screen has a special place in all our hearts, which makes this soft plush a fun toy to have for play or simply for its novelty.

Why They´ll Want It

Children love interacting with their stuffed animals, and who makes a better companion than someone that is smellier and sillier than yourself! Pumbaa will delight children and the silly at heart and make them laugh whenever they hear his "rootin´" and "tootin´."

--Nancy Tan

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