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Electronic T-Rex Battle by UNCLE MILTON INDUSTRIES INC.Name: Electronic T-Rex Battle
Age: 8 and up
Price: $26.99
Category: Science & Nature

What Is It?
In a kind of a prehistoric “Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots,” two ferocious T-Rexs (plastic and articulated) face off in a rocky ring for a battle to the death. One player grabs the “controlling” tail of one carnivore, and the other player grabs the tail of the other. Switch it on, and there are roars galore. There’s also an electronic counter to keep track of their “health” — 9 is healthy, and 0 … is extinct. The first player to drop the opposing T-Rex’s health to 0 wins.
What We Thought
My 7-year-old son isn’t a big dinosaur fan yet (he’s more into astronomy), but this is more about battle than paleontology, so he was game. After putting in the batteries and attaching the tails, we were “Reaaaady to ruuuuumble!” My son took the green T-Rex, and I took the greener T-Rex, and the battle commenced. We found by twisting the tails, the mouths opened and closed, then, by sliding the base, we got into it. It was a little like thumb wrestling, each of us trying to grab the other with our “jaws” and score a point on the other (take away one of their health points). It was a little difficult to actually know what worked, and what didn’t, but there was lots of roaring, so it was pretty cool. Seems biting the neck and chest do the trick. My son won the first round, and I won the second. It was time for the deciding battle royale! Unfortunately, my tail kept coming off in the heat of the match, and I lost resoundingly. I was bummed. Not by losing, but by losing because of injury. Seems T-Rex tails are pretty fragile things.
Why They’ll Want It
It’s loud, active, biting, munching, point scoring and full of T-Rexs. It’s pretty great. But … the plastic seems a bit breakable, and the tails definitely came off too easily. Whether this would hold up more than a week with two rambunctious kids is the real question, but for playability, it scores a nine out of 10 on the Dino-rating system.
-- TDmonthly Staff, 4/24/06

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