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Kapla Blocks – 40 piece set by KAPLA USAName: Kapla Blocks – 40 piece set
Company: KAPLA USA
Age: 3-Adult
Price: $29.95
Category: Wooden Toys

A deceptively plain block set, Kapla blocks are made of identical finished pine pieces small enough to be grasped by the preschool crowd, available in two-color sets or as plain wood. Each kit includes a sturdy picture book with sample constructions of buildings, animals and abstract designs.

Because there are no pre-made connectors to attach the blocks, a child’s imagination is given free reign to create anything – from organic shapes, to cars, houses, family pets or whatever else he or she can dream up.

With no pre-written narratives, licensed characters or “interactive” technology to be followed, a kid can simply open the box and start creating, with no right or wrong outcome. A word of advice: Kapla blocks are too light to stand well on carpet, wood or linoleum would be best. Also available are also larger sets of 200 or 1,000 blocks.

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