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Below are some of the products from GASP VIDEO TDmonthly has reviewed.

SPEECH PARADE! Sounds Are All Around DVD by GASP VIDEOName: SPEECH PARADE! Sounds Are All Around DVD
Age: 1-6
Price: $19.99
Category: Videos & DVDs

What It Is: Designed to support language development in young children, "SPEECH PARADE!" shows footage of animals, activities and familiar environmental scenes while a speech-language pathologist and young children speak identifying sounds. It´s set up to encourage imitation through repetition and includes tips for parents and caregivers at the end, so they can help their children develop solid language skills.

What We Thought:
By offering three rounds of the same content with varying audio explanation — one with the speech-language pathologist speaking and pictured, one with children speaking the sounds, pictured, and the other displaying just adult audio with the natural sound — viewers have ample opportunity to pick up the emphasis of words and begin to identify sounds with their counterparts in the natural world. The production´s real-life footage of people, animals, objects and natural scenes, as opposed to animated reel, reinforces proper identification. Although a 1 1/2-year-old boy and his two older sisters viewed this video, "it didn´t seem to capture them," their mother said. Improvements could be made to the packaging, with its basic font usage and a large photo of a parrot that doesn´t necessarily convey the video´s purpose. For that reason, consumers might need a recommendation before purchasing. The moderator’s head pops up in a bubble during the first round of sounds, which may seem a bit awkward; however, this visual, along with the later ones of children speaking, is important for kids to see how the mouth is shaped for the formation of words.

What Others Thought: Consumer reviewers on and the company’s website praised this DVD for being visually engaging, relating well to everyday sightings, and prompting kids to repeat the words and sounds they hear. Per numerous comments from parents, it has been a hit with children in the toddler and preschool age range.

Why They´ll Want It: This video was created by a professional who works with children in the field of language learning and understands their developmental needs. It fills an educational and developmental need for content that targets sound association and progress in basic speech patterns. — Julie L. Jones, 11-3-09

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