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TDmonthly Magazine Product Reviews for KID GALAXY INC.


Below are some of the products from KID GALAXY INC. TDmonthly has reviewed.

Bump 'n Chuck RC Bumper Cars by KID GALAXY INC.Name: Bump 'n Chuck RC Bumper Cars
Age: 6 and up
Price: $34.99
Category: Remote Controlled

What Is It?
The Bump ‘n’ Chuck (which got a giggle from 8-year-old Cole – “Do they throw up?”) is a radio-controlled bumper car game with two bumper cars, two ejectable bumper car drives (they pop out when one of the cars is hit in a certain way; there are two “eject” buttons on the sides), two controllers and the need for lots and lots of batteries.

What We Thought
“They go pretty fast,” commented Cole, who raced his orange bumper car up and down the sidewalk. “And they’re easy to control,” chimed in Gabby, doing spins and figure-eights with her blue one. But when bumper time came... nothing. “They’re hard to hit right,” pointed out Cole. “Really hard. I can’t get the guy to pop out. Make sure you write about that.” And he was right. The kids tried slamming into each other, into walls, into a dog (a big dog). Nothing. So they hit the buttons on the cars themselves, and the plastic drivers jettisoned... and made “the best screamy noises ever.”

Why They’ll Want It
Yup, with a sound chip, the drivers fly out, screaming all the way. The kids forwent the bumper car aspect and began playing their own imaginary games with the bumper cars and drivers. Space ship fights, movie action scenes and just plain making the drivers fly up and scream. “They’re pretty fun,” acknowledged Cole, “but not for playing bumper cars.” That pretty much sums them up. — Mark Zaslove, 10/23/07

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