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The Diggity Kids™ Comfort Travel System by DIGGITY KIDS, INC.Name: The Diggity Kids™ Comfort Travel System
Age: 4-10
Price: $63.95
Category: Safety

What It Is: Available in an array of colors, the Diggity Kids Comfort Travel System is a three-part set that includes a comfy Keester cushion featuring 2” of polyurethane foam, a memory-foam neck pillow for sleeping on the go, and a coordinating seat belt cover.

What We Thought: Bravo to Diggity Kids for creating this high-quality travel system! Parents and kids alike appreciate that the components are made of soft micro-suede, and for caregivers’ convenience, feature zip-off construction or are otherwise designed to be machine washable. With the semi-circular cut-out for the tailbone, the Keester proves very comfortable and, aside from use in the car, is also great to take to the park for use on benches. The seat belt cover doesn’t slide like some designs do, and it’s a much-needed item, especially during summer when children are wearing less clothing. The neck pillow offers fairly good support and is particularly convenient for kids snoozing in the backseat.

What Others Thought: The Keester lends itself to versatile use — “at Girl Scout meetings and as a cute cushion to sit on during our family movie night,” pointed out Elizabeth Donovan of Parenting Pink. Amy from ParentSphere no longer has to cringe at the way her preschool daughter rests in her car seat, thanks to the neck pillow. Prior to using the Diggity Kids Seat Belt Cover, posted The Funky Monkey, “the seat belt would dig into my kids´ neck when sleeping. Now they´re sitting in comfort thanks to this terrific product.”

Why They’ll Want It: A child’s comfort (or lack thereof) during travel affects the experience for everyone, so why not add a little sanity and style for the whole family? Diggity Kids delivers not with a random piece or two, but with a coordinated system that works together to ease travel woes, and is also adaptable for uses in school, at the ballpark, etc. Plus, it’s made with quality workmanship in the USA! — Julie L. Jones, 7/9/10

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