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Bucket Brigade by FACE 2 FACE
Bucket Brigade
MSRP: $23.00
Age: 7 and up
Category: General Games
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ToyDirectory Product ID#: 12089

Bucket Brigade challenges players to race firemen toward the top of a burning building. Time is of the essence, but the fireman who runs too fast will spill most of his water before he reaches the roof. Under the guise of a simple race game, Bucket Brigade offers players the chance to out-think and out-bluff opponents, regardless of their age. It plays in 30 minutes or less. In Bucket Brigade, “players must cooperate even as they compete,” Vice President Lawrence Whalen Jr. of Face 2 Face Games told TDmonthly. Launch date: March 2007. 3/27/2007

Winner's Circle by FACE 2 FACE
Winner's Circle
Category: Board Games
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ToyDirectory Product ID#: 7616

In Winner’s Circle you are right in the middle of a classic day of racing. Which horse is the favorite? Does the long-shot have a real chance? How high are the betting ratios? Which bet promises the highest profit? Once the field is announced you must place your bets. You then take turns rolling the special die and moving the horse of your choice. Will you advance the horse you are backing or impede those horses backed by the other players? While having multiple players back the same horse improves its odds of winning it also lowers the payouts, and there are still no guarantees of victory. At the end of the running the best bets payoff, and after 3 races the player with the most winnings is triumphant. 4/20/2006

Sleuth by FACE 2 FACE
MSRP: $18
Age: 10 and up
Category: Card Games
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ToyDirectory Product ID#: 4599

In this classic game of deduction, the players must try to solve the case of the missing gems through strategic questioning and reasoning. Each game lasts 30-45 minutes, and each new contest brings different clues to be used in solving the mystery again. 9/14/2005

Rheinlander by FACE 2 FACE
MSRP: $50.00
Age: 12 and up
Category: Board Games
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ToyDirectory Product ID#: 4584

Set in the middle ages, this game pits 3-5 players as rival dukes fighting for control of the Rheinland, the heart of Europe. The game comes with a board, 55 money tokens, 26 landmarks, 55 cards, 125 wooden knightx, 35 dukes, and 7 bishops. This is the first in a series of games from designer Reiner Knizia. 9/14/2005

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