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1.Q & A With Shay Chen, founder and CEO of Painting Lulu
As the world becomes more and more digital, toymakers are finding integrative ways to involve their products in the realms of both the physical and the virtual...


2.Don't Lose Tween Cusomers to Video Games and Computers - Games Workshop Can Help
Your store is set for infants & toddlers, has preschool toys galore, and your customers couldn't ask for a better selection of toys for tween girls. But when it comes to tween boys, many specialty toy store owners struggle...


3.Q & A with Halie Fulton, creator of Dream Frenz®
We reached out to Halie Fulton, president of MAF Industries, LLC and creator of the Dream Frenz, to learn more about the journey of bringing a toy to market...


4.Interview with Alexandre Pariente, CEO of Safari Ltd®
Alexandre Pariente recently took over as CEO of Safari Ltd®, a third-generation educational toy company...


5.Interview with Carly Gloge, CEO of Ubooly
Ubooly was just acquired by Cartwheel Kids, but before it achieved success in the marketplace, it was just an idea...


6.Helping Boys and Girls Set and Measure Goals with Games Workshop
Specialty toy store owners are always looking for products that are more than just toys. The ideal item isn't just fun - it also helps kids develop a variety of skills that will help them succeed later in life...


7.STICKMAN STEW® Sticks It to Bullies (But Kindly!)
Bullies, your time has passed! Vampires and other beasts, you may be immortal, but you're irrelevant now. There's a new wave of compassion sweeping the toy industry, and it's being led by a three-dimensional and quite compassionate stick figure...


8.Schoenhut Is Electrifying!
Schoenhut Piano Company could easily rest on its well-earned laurels; since 1872 it's been producing high-quality toy pianos that last for generations. But Len and Renee Trinca, owners since 1996, know that being great isn't enough...


9.Games Workshop Captures Big Brothers & Dads
"If you've got the teens coming into the store, if you're carrying Rio Grande or Mayfair, or any of the Eurogames, then you've got the demographic," said George. "That's when you want Games Workshop."...


10.Why Schoenhut® Piano Company Teamed Up With Raggs
At the most recent annual American International Toy Fair in New York City, Schoenhut Piano Company announced that a recent partnership with Raggs had resulted in the creation of a unique new product line, Twinkle Tunes Pianos with Songbooks...


11.Travel Fractiles Bend Time
Travel Size Fractiles-7 – a magnetic tiling toy from Fractiles Inc. – is a sneaky way to keep kids learning about math, science, engineering and technology (STEM) even as they ride in the car to grandma's or hang out on the beach...


12.Yamie Chess Makes April Fool-Proof
Math phobias plague both kids and adults, and can even trigger areas of the brain associated with physical pain and instinctive risk reduction, according to a study from the University of Chicago...


13.A Broader View's Round Table Puzzles Give Every Kid a Chance to Play
Roger Andresen, founder of A Broader View, is a problem solver. When he thought about how families and friends put together jigsaw puzzles, he realized that at least one person is always working upside down or sideways, craning his neck to see the main picture being assembled. As an engineer, he knew there had to be a better way...


14.Q & A With Betty Morris, Creator of Shrinky Dinks
Betty Morris was a housewife and mother of three when she and her Cub Scout troop co-leader (Kate Bloomberg) came up with a fun arts & crafts activity for their troop...


15.Q&A with Bob Wann, CEO of Patch Products
The toy industry is a dynamic place, and no one is more familiar with its ever-changing character than Bob Wann of Patch Products. Mr. Wann has worked for major brands like Hasbro, Fisher Price and Playskool, has worked on evergreen products including Monopoly, Candyland and Scrabble, and even helped introduce now-iconic brands like Strawberry Shortcake and Nerf...


16.Q & A With Michael McGinnis, Inventor of Perplexus
TDmonthly had the chance to interview Michael McGinnis, inventor of the popular Perplexus 3-D maze game and a 2011 TAGIE Awards Rising Star nominee...


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