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Articles by OnTay Johnson

Toy Knight Jousting Match (12/1/2005)
Medieval-themed figures and accessories have become a hit in toy stores across the country, and three major players are “jousting” for the top spot.

Video Game Music Fills Concert Halls (11/1/2005)
Called “chiptunes" (any “song” from a video game), video game music is now playing at concerts and venues.

RADGames Radicalizes Monopoly (10/1/2005)
The Super-Add-Ons Version for Monopoly Game Board from RADGames Inc. is changing the face of a time-honored classic.

Retailer’s Choice: Selling Violent Games to Minors (8/1/2005)
As video games continue to grow increasingly violent — and popular — retailers must choose between easy sales and parents’ trust when determining whether to sell games to minors.

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