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Articles by Kris Decker

Imagine Simplicity (1/1/2005)
Seems like only yesterday our family crouched in the crawl space beneath the stairs, anticipating the bedlam that was prophesied to accompany the arrival of Y2K. Yet, five years later, here we still are. Time sure flies.

Mom´s Perspective: Weird Science (12/1/2004)
I have a friend who used to think her son was a prodigy. "You don´t have to get smashed over the head with a beaker to realize that Ralphie is going to get the Nobel Prize in Science someday," she´d brag. It all began when Ralphie was just a wee lad. In an effort to "see the pichers inside de telebishion," he dismantled his mother´s computer monitor. Ralphie´s father was appalled

Wooing the Parents of Tweens (11/1/2004)
My son now falls into that demographic Limbo known as "tween"--a new market segment crammed into the space between "kid" and "teen."

It´s Arts & Crafts Time - Are You Prepared? (10/1/2004)
The sweetest words in the English language--next to "the IRS has decided not to prosecute"--is "I made this for you" falling from the lips of a small child. Of course getting from the beginning of the arts and crafts journey to this heartwarming place can feel like scene from "Return of the King"--strewn with horrific obstacles and a bit of a bloody mess

Shouldn´t Barbie Have to Change Too? (9/1/2004)
I´ve been trying to live up to the Barbie ideal all my life and I still don´t measure up. Sure, Mattel has attempted to make her more realistic ... Big deal. Barbie is what now - 45 years old? When I received my first Barbie doll in 1965 she looked 16. By now, she should have aged like the rest of us, right? I suppose I have to give Mattel their due and say she has. She now looks at least 16-1/2

I´ve Only Got Eyes for You, K-Line! (8/1/2004)
It looks like my eleven-year-old son has come down with the same affliction his older sister suffered from a few years ago--Rolling Eyeball Syndrome

Big Baby (7/1/2004)
A lot of people my age look for ways to relive their adolescence. Not me. I want to be a big baby

The World on a String (6/1/2004)
Ah, the diversity of the candy necklace—part snack, part plaything

Travel Games Can be a Real Trip (5/1/2004)
Long family road trips never again have to result in whining, crying and traumatic emotional scarring

Better Off a Benchwarmer (4/1/2004)
I´m sure you´ll remember me. I was the kid in gym class who couldn´t do a single chin up

A Rabbit Tale (3/1/2004)
Nineteen years ago, a factory employee finished stitching together a rag doll rabbit. I imagine her pausing as the rabbit bumped down the assembly line, wondering if her work made a difference in the world

A Dime or A Dozen: The Value of Trading Cards (2/1/2004)
In 1968, I could walk into the corner grocery store with a shiny dime and purchase a packet containing three baseball cards

Leggo My Lego Magazine (1/1/2004)
My son and I have resolved to make some changes in 2004. There will be no more loitering around the mailbox in anticipation of the newest Lego Magazine

Stories from the Edge of the Bunk Bed (12/1/2003)
If nothing else, a bunk bed is a memory maker. A few years ago, my husband and I determined our son needed a bunk bed. We envisioned a Tom Sawyer-like atmosphere

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