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Articles by Tim Connolly

Simple Steps for Preventing Retail Theft (2/1/2004)
Inventory shrinkage is a problem for any retail operation, be it an upstart or a Wal-mart

Enemy at the Gates: Wal-Mart Redefines Toy Retail
For specialty retailers, chains such as Wal-Mart and Target have become the dragon at the gates

New Video Helps Preschoolers Conquer “First Day” Fears (12/1/2003)
My First Day at Preschool has already racked up some impressive plaudits, including Parenting Magazine’s “2002 Video of the Year” and a Telly Award for original music...

Sony´s EyeToy Takes Video Gaming to the Next Level (12/1/2003)
Sony’s new EyeToy may be the Pong of its time...

Ghettopoly in Da House? Not if Hasbro has its Way (12/1/2003)
The new Ghettopoly game tests the adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity...

Fun to Go: New Hand-Held Gaming and Video (12/1/2003)
Get yourself some cargo pants and AA batteries; you won’t be home for a while...

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