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Star Wars mimobot - Boba Fett by MIMOCO INC.Name: Star Wars mimobot - Boba Fett
Company: MIMOCO INC.
Age: All Ages
Price: $49.95
Category: Electronics

What Is It?
This Bob Fett mimobot is a USB flash drive — available in 1-, 2- and 4-gigabyte versions — and Star Wars collectors´ item in one. It can be attached to backpacks and bags when dressed in a protohoodie keychain. MSRP ranges from $49.95 to $109.95.

What We Thought
Mimobots are novel compared to ordinary flash memory sticks. That´s the only edge I would give them, considering all the Star Wars merchandise that´s available. The 1GB size is a plus, although memory sticks go upward to 8GB for around $20. Functionality is the industry standard, but collectibility is off the charts, since you can pick up a mimobot that represents a character you like.

There were 16 different wallpaper designs included, each one having different resolutions so people can choose the resolution that best fits their screen size. The majority of the wallpapers involved a backdrop from the first three Star Wars movies and featured an illustrated mimobot in place of the actual character. It´s an interesting concept, but they could have used better quality images from the films, since the image and illustration did not mesh well. The other wallpapers are high quality and involved the illustrated mimobot in different angles and configurations — great as a wallpaper for minimalists.

Extras besides the wallpapers include avatars, screensavers, soundbytes, and web browser icons. Despite the Star Wars theme, Darth Vader was missing from the avatars, which I found disappointing.

Why They´ll Want It
Younger kids who may not be familiar with the Star Wars franchise may not have as strong a connection with this product, but might still like its artistic nature. For those who have seen the earlier trilogy, they will probably feel they have something special. Kids can use the drive to store media and then showcase the mimobot as a collector´s item when not in use, or show off the product among Star Wars friends when sharing files. — Allen Tran, 5/21/08

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