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SLIDER™ the Unscooter™ by IDEA MILL LLCName: SLIDER™ the Unscooter™
Age: 3 and up
Price: $179.95
Category: Vehicles - Riding

What It Is
SLIDER the Unscooter is a three-wheeled vehicle that gives the thighs a mighty workout. Essentially, it is a hybrid between a scooter, skis and a ThighMaster. Unlike a scooter, you need never push your foot against the ground; the motion is all in the legs and hips. Easy to ride and maneuver, it’s a fun and different way of propelling yourself downtown.

What We Thought
We took turns Unscooting on SLIDER in the office courtyard, and it was easily our favorite ride-on. In that tight space, we could still take corners and even build up speed without much effort. You can propel it by scissoring your legs or swaying side to side, and more daring riders could, I’m sure, devise a myriad of tricks and other methods of getting from here to there right quick. The SLIDER was pretty easy to assemble and can stand alone without needing a kickstand.

Why They’ll Want It
Kids who want to go fast would love the SLIDER. Parents who are trying to encourage their kids to be more active will love it even more. It’s a great way to exercise your body without putting stress on the joints, and a fun way to go fast without expending fuel — but fear not, parents, the hand breaks works really well. — TDmonthly Staff, 3/17/2009

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