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I Spy Eagle Eye by BRIARPATCH INC.Name: I Spy Eagle Eye
Age: 5 and up
Price: Not Specified
Category: General Games

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DaVinci’s Challenge by BRIARPATCH INC.Name: DaVinci’s Challenge
Age: 8 and up
Price: $24.99
Category: General Games

What Is It
This ancient game challenges either two players or two teams to create and see patterns in the pieces they place on the giant symbol in the center of the game board. One side has black wooden pieces and one side has white — both must try to form one of nine patterns when it is their turn to play, or they can try to block the other team from forming a pattern. The game become more complex as more pieces appear on the board, as multiple patterns can be made with one move. If a team does not note that they have made a pattern on their move, the other team is under no obligation to point out the symbol for them.

What We Thought
Like chess, this game requires a good deal of concentration. Moves become a strategic operation, and the atmosphere can become quite intense. It forces players to be on guard, as they try to protect their patterns while attempting to squelch the patterns of the other team. It’s fun, it’s thought-provoking and it’s relatively easy to play. The only drawback is that only two people can play, or two teams, which makes it difficult for odd numbers of players to enjoy the activity. While it has a sufficient number of double-sided score pads, players will need to make copies when they get near the end of the stack.

Why They’ll Want It
The back story of the game is quite interesting. The main symbol, called the Flower of Life, the Language of Silence and the Language of Light, has shown up everywhere from Ephesis, Turkey in the first century to Nikko, Japan in the 14th century on building walls and in artistic pieces. Leonardo DaVinci studied the symbol extensively, and with Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” being one of the most read books in recent memory, this game will no doubt receive a lot of attention.

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-- Vanessa VanderZanden, 7/29/05

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