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Article Archive: Furniture & Decor
Top-10 Most-Wanted Playhouses and Furniture
With additional reporting by Chris Lundy and Brenda RuggieroFrom blanket forts to tunneled tents, kids love having their own space to play. These play houses and furniture items are the perfect way to make any kids' play area more special, and according to retailers interviewed by TDmonthly, they're hot sellers,...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Play Houses
This month TDmonthly interviewed retailers about their best-selling furniture and play houses...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Play Houses
When TDmonthly Magazine surveyed 11 retailers in June 2013, we learned that most of them don't carry traditional children's furniture or wooden play houses...


Q&A With Cheryl Shaw from Little Colorado, Inc
The founders of Little Colorado, Inc, had no idea that they would wind up making high-quality children's furniture and playthings...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Play Houses
In a May 2012 survey about best selling furniture and play houses, GUIDECRAFT was mentioned by three of 11 retailers as the best selling brand...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Play Houses
In a Summer 2011 survey of 14 retailers, 50% of those TDmonthly spoke to said they didn't carry furniture or playhouses at all...


Holiday Preview: Furniture & Décor


Kids Play House With KidKraft and Melissa & Doug
Children's furnishings and playhouses can enrich a play environment, but cost and size prohibit many specialty stores from carrying them, 21 of 43 retailers indicated in a recent TDmonthly Magazine survey...


Summary of Online Toy Reviews
TDmonthly’s Review Scout scours the Web weekly for reviews of new and hot products so you don’t have to spend your time searching. Out of thousands of blog, retail and other sites, his research uncovers toys, games and other gifts that are worthy of your attention...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Play Houses
In May 2009, TDmonthly Magazine conducted a survey of sales in furniture and children's play house items...


Holiday Preview - Furniture and Decor
If your customers are seeking some big-ticket items to put under the tree this year, you may want to direct their eyes to some fun artwork for kids' rooms, or wooden — and even cardboard! — furniture for play spaces. See TDmonthly's Holiday Preview of Furniture and Decor for a...


ABC Kids: Caught on Tape
Hundreds of companies and thousands of buyers will attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this month, and TDmonthly Magazine will be there to capture it...


Film Me, Film Me at ABC!
Keep an eye out for TDmonthly’s Video Crew at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Sept. 7-11! We’ll be capturing video demonstrations of the newest toys...


TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Furniture and Playhouses
Dollhouses and kitchens are the most popular furniture and playhouse items at specialty toy stores, 62 retailers told TDmonthly Magazine in early summer 2008...


Kitchens Heat Up Furniture Sales
Twenty-one of 62 retailers told TDmonthly Magazine they don’t sell children’s furniture or play houses due to competition from big-box stores, lack of space or little interest from customers...


TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Play Houses and Furniture
Dollhouses, tents, tables and stoves are selling in the play houses and furniture categories...


Jonti-Craft Furniture Sits Well With Education
Children’s furniture may give kids a place to sit, relax and sleep, but educational and early-learning furniture does more than just support kids' bodies: it develops minds as well...


Today’s Furniture Grows With Kids
Retailers told TDmonthly Magazine that many parents who are trying to get the most for their money are opting for “evolving furniture,” or pieces that will grow as the child grows, eliminating the need to purchase a separate crib, toddler bed, and “big kid” bed...


Sit on It … Forever
Furniture may be the biggest toy kids have...


Evolving Furniture Grows With Kids
The latest innovation in kids' furniture, evolving bedroom sets, is catching on among money-conscious parents...


The Nursery as Gallery
Laura Hescock attempts to mirror children’s vivid, complex and imaginative thoughts in her unique artwork for children's rooms...


Blowing up Furniture
For kids who change their tastes more quickly than channel surfers hit the remote, inflatable furniture may be the answer...


Furniture That’s Built to Last
Retailers and manufacturers who sell sturdy, multiple-use kids’ furniture are meeting the needs of parents and kids alike by making items in creative, vibrant styles...


Rearranging Doll Furniture Sales
Dollhouses and furniture are coming back. These days, people want their dollhouses ready-to-go and their furniture high-end...


Furniture With the Right Fit
No matter what the trends or fashion, one thing that will never change is that kids appreciate furniture sized just for them. Whether it’s the mini chairs in a library’s storybook section, or a special kid-sized rocker, children love to find furniture that fits “just right.”...


New & Notable Toys: Furniture & Room Decor
Check out these new and noteworthy toys...


Innovative Children´s Furniture Makers Appeal to Picky Consumers
In the new millennium, furniture makers must innovate to entice frugal families. For today´s less cluttered home, each new purchase must offer something unique. As more families opt for the do-it-yourself approach, the new look for furniture is hand-crafted and even heirloom quality...


Kid’s Furniture--Tweens & Teens Expressing Their Individuality
Tweens and teenagers continue to be the target of this industry, a population estimated at 31 million according to the American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA). Both age segments have a huge desire to express their individuality...


Have Mercy! Hand Painted Children´s Furniture
Hillary James specializes in hand painted children´s furniture and considers herself self taught out of trial and error...


Delta Enterprise Brings the Magic Home
Delta Enterprise Corporation has built an imaginative world around its licensed characters. There´s a magical enthusiasm kids experience when they see Delta Enterprise´s licensed furniture...


What Dreams Are Made Of
Who wouldn´t want to sleep in their own bedroom if it´s colorful and filled with wonder and magic...


Furniture for the Little Princess in your Customer´s Life
From bedroom sets for your tween or a pretty bassinet for your newborn daughter, there is a piece a furniture that suits her bedroom, playroom, personality and style. As your little girl grows, so does her need for furniture, and the following are a few items to help her along the way...


Lumisource, Inc. Express yourself with the Firefly Floor Lamp by Lumisource, Inc. Use the numerous lamp arms to form an art display when you put it together. This amazing chrome-finish lamp has multi-colored sconces that use 10-watt halogen bulbs. A fabulous addition to make your room stand out...


dSit On Plush LumiSource is introducing a variety of plush furniture at Toy Fair, including: a Dolphin Chair and Whale Chair made of plush flannel, with a convenient flip-up storage compartment to store toys, books and more; a Cell Phone Chair ($140) , shaped like a cell phone,...


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