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Articles by Kathe Nielsen

Science and Nature Toys Inspire Kids to Get Smart (12/1/2004)
From Erector and chemistry sets to microscopes and sea monkeys, buying a child a science-based toy opens them up to a whole new world. Through these products, children can learn the disciplines of scientific methods, appreciate the value of observation, and realize that good results are predicated on following directions

Musical Toy Industry Faces Competition but Parents Still Encourage Music (11/1/2004)
Experts also point to the additional benefits of music referred to as the "Mozart Effect." Findings from a study at UC Irvine in 1993 found that music improved spatial and sequential memory and communication skills, and since then, parents have been rushing to the toy shelves to provide the boost to their child´s development through all types of musical toys and musical instruments

Educational Insights, Inc. is a Leader in Interactive Educational Toys (9/1/2004)
Educational Insights, Inc., a leader in the interactive/educational toy market, has been in the business since 1962 when founder Burt Cutler, an electronic engineer, and his wife, Diana, decided to develop a phonics course for their own children


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