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Video Games
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Video Games

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1.GameStop – can they build a bridge before they hit the abyss?
We all are familiar with the problems GameStop is facing...


2.Tencent follows Sun Tzu and his Art of War is their bible
There are two retailers that clearly dominate the video game space –Tencent and GameStop...


Additional Articles (from most recent)

1.GameStop – can they build a bridge before they hit the abyss?
We all are familiar with the problems GameStop is facing...


2.Tencent follows Sun Tzu and his Art of War is their bible
There are two retailers that clearly dominate the video game space –Tencent and GameStop...


3.The Wii U is sinking – will it drag Nintendo down with it?
When the Wii was first released on November 19, 2006, people were a little sceptical...


4.GameStop is Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Video game retail sales in the U.S. have been in the doldrums ever since they hit a high point back in 2009...


5.Video Gamers are Deserting Retailers
Video games have been in the doldrums since 2008, at least as far as brick-and-mortar retail is concerned. However, if you drill down a little further, you will see that not all was bad...


6.Happy Birds: May the Force be With You!
Latest data from The NPD Group, a global information company, reveals Angry Birds Star Wars as the best new toy license in the big five* European toy markets in 2013 so far (year to date July 2013)...


7.GameStop better watch out – Galaxy 4 is coming to upset the video game applecart
Samsung is launching its Galaxy 4 smart phone with an unprecedented effort designed to wrest market dominance from the IPhone. Normally, this would not be something to worry GameStop...but the Galaxy 4 will pair with a game pad that has the potential of revolutionizing the video game space...


8.Activision Skylanders vs. Disney Infinity
Activision/Blizzard, the world’s largest provider of video games, has been in the news lately. Firstly, their Call of Duty: Black Ops II game was not only the #1 game for the month of December; it was the #1 game for the whole of 2012. Secondly, their 2011 entry Skylanders has just broken the $500 million barrier at U.S. retail...


9.The Changing Face of Gaming
Video game retail sales in the U.S. have been plunging since 2008, which would suggest that the industry is in the continuing throes of very significant and probably structural changes...


10.Electronic Arts — a Very Subtle Transition
Like all other leading video game publishers, Electronic Arts is caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the fact that games are increasingly played on non-traditional devices such as smart phones and tablets; the hard place is that the platforms for traditional gaming — the Xbox and Playstation — are at the end of their life cycle...


11.Rovio – Birds and Piggies Eat Competition
It does not happen too often that an unknown software company from a small European country becomes a major force in the toy space in one year. But this is exactly what happened in the case of Rovio...


12.The Future of Gamestop
There is no question that GameStop has had a tough time of late. There are any number of reasons given – we are at the tail end of the last console cycle, there is a shift from consoles towards mobile phones and tablets, downloads are taking more and more share away from the brick—and—mortar retailers — but whatever the case may be, GameStop is struggling and the third quarter 2012 results just now published show no let-off in this pattern...


13.The Decline of the Video Game Market
As the recent bankruptcy of the Game Group, UK’s largest video game retailer, demonstrates, the massive shift in consumer behavior is not just a theoretical issue to be debated in the air-conditioned comfort of executive suites. It is an issue that goes to the core of the business of each of the players in this space...


14.Tablets and Smart Phones Invade the Video Game Space
It has become fairly clear of late that smart phones and tablets represent a real danger to the video game industry. With the release of the latest iPad these trends are beginning to accelerate...


15.THQ – Digital Gaming's First Victim?
January was another terrible month for video games in the United States, at least at retail, confirming that not only will all future growth in the video game software space going to be in the digital area, but that retail sales of software, hardware and accessories will in fact decline...


16.Video Games – Who Will Win the Cyber War?
With the bad numbers being announced by the NPD group and retailers, it is not easy to fathom who could possibly emerge as a winner in what increasingly appears to be a hopeless situation...


17.The Video Game Market – Winners and Losers
The U.S. video game market continues to disappoint– at least, if you rely on NPD numbers only and look at the brick-and-mortar channel in isolation...


18.GameStop is Riding the Digital Tiger
At their most recent SEC filing, GameStop reported sharply declining sales, but this doesn't necessarily spell the demise of GameStop today or tomorrow...


19.E3 Wrap-up and Outlook for the Video Game Industry
Without a total game changer in the technological space, video game retailers and video game hardware manufacturers seem to be looking at a very tough decade...


20.The Nintendo 3DS – Will It Rescue the Video Game Space?
Hand-held game consoles have been in the doldrums for a good while, and the advent of the Nintendo 3DS is widely expected to change all this. But will it?...


21.Where is the video game market headed?
2010 was the second year in a row of so-so video game sales. This is how the various components stacked up in 2009 compared to 2010...


22.Quo Vadis GameStop?
For many years, GameStop was the kingpin of the video game market...


23.Nintendo Wii Moves on Heart-Health Initiatives
On May 17, a marriage occurred that few in the video game or medical communities saw coming, as the forces of heart health joined with the forces of Mario to combat the country’s obesity epidemic...


24.High-Tech Trio Rescues Video Game Publishers
For years, players in the video game space have been in an uneasy alliance that is now fraying at the edges...


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