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MSRP: $6.99
Age Range: 3 to 12
SKU or Item #: 28300
Launch Date: July 2009
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Sporting Goods & Accessories
Creative Activities

"Boarding Basics" is designed as the perfect companion DVD for the award-winning Yo Baby Kick Flipper. The easy to follow DVD offers instruction on tricks such as the 180 and 360 Spin, Ollie, Peanut Flip, Caveman and lots more. It takes kids through each move, step by step, so they can follow along and learn. "It is the only step-by-step DVD that teaches kids how to do all the cool boarding tricks on a Yo Baby Kick Flipper (think 'skateboard without wheels') in the safety of their home," Bob Ellis, president of GarageCo Toys, told TDmonthly. Launch date: July 21, 2009.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 24291      (added 6/29/2009)

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MSRP: $14.95
Age Range: 3 to 10
Specialty: Yes (as of 2011)
Made in: United States
Launch Date: February 2007
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Developmental Toys
Action Games
Sporting Goods & Accessories

This is a plastic, blow-molded skateboard deck only, NO WHEELS OR TRUCKS. Kids learn, practice, and get skills from balance and action sports moves indoors or out. The Yo Baby Kick Flipper is a great INDOOR sports toy. Whether it's too hot outside or the snow is coming down, children stay active and practice the fastest growing sport in the world indoors or outdoors. Parents love the product because children can learn boarding skills safely. The DVD that comes with it is mesmerizing for children and they watch it over and over hoping to master the same moves with their Yo Baby Kick Flipper.
Awards: 2007 TDmonthly Innovations Award; 2009 product of the year; 2008 preferred choice; ASTRA pick of the year; 2008 Seal of Excellence; Action Product Award ASR 2009
— “We're doing well with Yo Babys, [and] ordering a case a month,” said Connie Hoeft, owner of C R Toys in Kearney, N.E., when asked about her best-selling sports toys in spring 2009.

Past Videos: Toy Fair 2009
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 23142      (added 4/2/2009)

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MSRP: $11.95
Age Range: 2 and up
SKU or Item #: 57970
Launch Date: June 2006
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Sporting Goods & Accessories
Outdoor Fun

This action toy helps keep kids fit as they simulate and learn how to skate, surf and snowboard without getting wet, cold or sore. Children can twist it, kick it, flip it or pop it as they play. The board measures 21” by 5.25” and comes in red, yellow, green and blue. “This product is the first of its kind. The boarding industry never had a plastic, functional, inexpensive toy — a 21st century toy,” CEO Bob Ellis of GarageCo Toys told TDmonthly. Launch date: June 2006.
— It’s very simple, yes, but the Yo Baby Practice Board received a TDmonthly Innovations 2007 award due to its usefulness as a training tool for very young children, propelling them to develop board-sport skills they can use later in life. It’s perfect for use on carpet in the home, and can easily travel anywhere.
— “We're doing well with Yo Babys, [and] ordering a case a month,” said Connie Hoeft, owner of C R Toys in Kearney, N.E., when asked about her best-selling sports toys in spring 2009.
— “We do really well with the Yo Baby practice boards. Last year, we went through a lot of those,” Lauren Obenour, manager of Green Frog Toys in Portland, Ore., told TDmonthly in March 2009.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 11555      (added 2/21/2007)
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