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Articles by Tony Lee

Licensed to Mint (1/1/2006)
Are there any new collectible card games on the horizon likely to sell as well as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh?

Collectible Trading Card Games Go Deck to Deck (4/1/2005)
Since Pokémon reached billion dollar success, soon followed by Yu-Gi-Oh!, every collectible card game publisher has been turning his or her eyes to anime licenses, looking for an equally winning hand.

GAMA Trade Show Unveils Collectible Card Games to Watch (4/1/2005)
This year’s Game Manufacturers’ Association (GAMA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nev. attracted the top hobby game retailers from across the world.

Collectible Cards Taking Charge (1/1/2005)
Ask a boy between ages 8 to 14 what he wants for a birthday or Christmas gift, you are as likely to hear clamors for “Yu-Gi-Oh Exodia!” as for old assorted favorites like Monopoly or Hot Wheel playset.

U.S. Fans Get All A-Board European Hobby Games (1/1/2005)

Strategy Board Games Hot List (1/1/2005)

Collectible Card Game Hot List (1/1/2005)

A Miniature World of Fortune (1/1/2005)
From Waterloo to Gettysburg, the Alamo to Normandy, these and other famous military encounters have long been fought and re-fought in miniatures games. A miniatures game is essentially armies of shrunken metal “action figures,” traditionally 15-28 millimeter tall, sweeping across a tabletop in tactical formations to engage and battle each other.

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