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Articles by Kara Revel

The List of 10: How to Create a Successful Roster of In-Store Events (9/1/2005)
To spark sales and build a customer base, many retailers turn to in-store events. But specifically, what works? To find out, TDmonthly asked several retailers across the country.

Opening Up to Children with Disabilities (9/1/2005)
When specialty toy retailers have even a rudimentary knowledge of the conditions that affect special-needs kids, a new market opens up to them. Although reports vary, most studies show that the number of U.S. children with special needs ranks in the millions.

Changing the World, One Blobbiemorpher at a Time (7/1/2005)
Jorge A. Tello Aliaga owns Pers, a new company with two lines of children’s books, four finalist children’s book awards and talk of an animated television show.

Mic-O-Mic Lands in America (7/1/2005)
Mic-O-Mic designer Klaus Micklitz created and patented a sleek new take on the traditional construction and model toy.

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