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Articles by Elise Yousoufian

Preschool Roundtable: Peace Under Foot (11/1/2007)
For this month, the Preschooler Roundtable parents expressed interest in learning ways for children to resolve conflicts

Preschool Roundtable: Using Felt for Fun (10/1/2007)
Inspiring and easy-to-carry Felt Tales playsets by Babalu won parents’ praises and kept the attention of most of the children participating in this month’s Preschool Roundtable, earning a favorable score overall.

Preschoolers: Is it Noise? Or Music? (9/1/2007)
For this month’s Preschooler Roundtable, colorful toys and resusable packaging won praises from parents, but uninspiring peripheral materials brought disappointment

Preschoolers: Sharing Rides (7/1/2007)
Almost every Roundtable parent mentioned how sturdy Peg Perego’s Cub Cadet is. On the less positive side, they commented on the toy’s requirement for assembly

Preschool/Early School: Fishing for Fun (5/1/2007)
The Roundtable participants expressed great enthusiasm about how bath toys from Fundex Games and Alex could be played within an environment their children loved

Preschool/Early School: Wooden Toys Rule (3/1/2007)
While investigating blocks, games and frames for little kids, TDmonthly’s Preschool/Early School Roundtable participants favored products

Preschool Roundtable Knocks Their Blocks Off (2/1/2007)
If you want to know what kids think about toys, you've got to hear it from the kids themselves

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