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Articles by Cicely Enright

LIKEaBIKE Gives Wheels to Children’s Feet (8/1/2005)
LIKEaBIKE USA introduced a new concept to America: the running bike. Running bikes, familiar vehicles in Europe, use the feet to propel and stop the vehicle, which makes it an excellent way for children ages 2 to 5 to develop balance and motor skills.

Jax Games: A Winning Hand (6/1/2005)
Jax Games believes in solid value and solid construction for each and every one of its games. The company, a privately held firm in Minneapolis, Minn., opened its doors for business in 1980 with classic offerings that included pinochle, poker, blackjack, and Kings in the Corner.

Little Guy Publishers (2/1/2005)
The word “explosive” tends to be used by analysts to describe the increase in popularity of manga, the Japanese cartoon form, in the last few years.

TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Books for Children Ages 9 to 12 That You May Not Have Heard Of (2/1/2005)
Fantasy novels hold sway on a number of bestseller lists right now. Beyond the proven magic of the Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events adventures, other worlds wait to be explored.

Magic Sets: They Appeal Because “It’s Magic” (12/1/2004)

Anime: Another World on Earth (11/1/2004)
The 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Film went to “Spirited Away,” the Hayao Miyazaki feature about a young girl’s adventures in a fantasy world. The win bolstered the popularity of a phenomenon already embraced in the United States. Enthusiasm for anime and all things related isn´t going to subside anytime soon.

BOB´S Hobbies and Crafts: A Small-Town Gem Combines Service and Stock (9/1/2004)
This one-time drugstore and ice cream parlor, built in the early 1900s, dispenses other treats today in the form of jigsaw puzzles, collectible cars, trains and layout materials, and cake and doll-making tools, to name just a few options

Extreme Ride-Ons: Taking a Spin with Today´s Ride-Ons (8/1/2004)
where the wheel hits the ground, action and tricks start with today’s extreme ride-ons, not just in sports, but also in toys

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