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Articles by Sharon Reed Abboud

Musical Training Can Start with Toys (11/1/2004)
Toy Symphony products, were developed by Tod Machover, a composer and professor of music and media, and his research team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The project is co-sponsored by MIT Media Consortia Fund, Yamaha, Sega, Fisher-Price, and Mattel

Music and a Child´s Intellectual Development (11/1/2004)
While funding for school music programs have been slashed from many public school budgets nationwide during the past decade, organizations such as The National Association for Music Education (MENC), VH1 Save the Music, Music, and many others are working to promote the study of music by children.

Arts & Crafts Trends: Something Old, Something New (10/1/2004)
A number of yesterday’s crafts are back in style - most with updated extras: sparkles, neon, glitter, or similar embellishments.

10 Top Arts & Crafts Products for Kids and Teens (10/1/2004)
10 Top Craft Winners:

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