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Below are some of the products from DUNECRAFT INC. TDmonthly has reviewed.

Culinary Herb Garden by DUNECRAFT INC.Name: Culinary Herb Garden
Age: 4 and up
Price: $24.99
Category: Science & Nature

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Sensory Dome by DUNECRAFT INC.Name: Sensory Dome
Age: 3 and up
Price: $24.99
Category: Science & Nature

What is it?
Sensory Dome is a complete terrarium kit containing soil, decorative gravel, “Contemplation Stones,” decal photos of different ecosystems and seed packets for Aloe, Pink Polka Dot plant, herb mixture, Eucalyptus and Cabbage Palm. Each plant has a different texture or odor, with kids encouraged to go “hands on” in learning about the natural world.

What we thought
The Sensory Dome’s simplicity is its strength: no moving parts or batteries required.  This would be a great kit for the classroom, or for a child who’s not quite ready to take care of a pet.  Nurturing a living thing, even if it doesn’t have fur, teaches kids responsibility and that all of us have an effect—hopefully positive—on the world around us.

Why they’ll want it
Many parents will be happy to give their kids a learning toy that doesn’t involve pixels or digital sound effects, but that comes to life through actual oxygen and sunlight.  The Sensory Dome’s low maintenance—the plants require watering only once every four months if the top is kept on—ensures that even when kids’ attention wanders, life will go on.
-- TDmonthly Staff, 9/26/2005

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The Amazing Dinosaur Plant by DUNECRAFT INC.Name: The Amazing Dinosaur Plant
Age: 5 and up
Price: $8.99
Category: Educational

What Is It?
(ToyDirectory, ToyShow) brings together the wonders of horticulture and the ancient age of dinosaurs to curious young minds. The Amazing Dinosaur Plant is a 250-million-year-old species that can hibernate for up to fifty years, reviving every time it is given water. The plant resembles a dead ball of foliage until immersion in water, when it transforms into an evergreen plant within hours. If it dries out, the plant will return to its dried state.

What We Thought
The kit, which contains a plant, display bowl and real volcanic stones, is an educational winner, astounding kids as well as adults.

Why They’ll Want It
The kit brings scientific wonder from the Jurassic age out of the books and into your living room. And best of all, it’s a renewable resource that will enchant children again and again.

--Jeremy Loudenback

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